About Me

Hi, I'm Dawn, a lifestyle blogger from the Midlands in the UK.

I started my blog because I was hearing a lot from friends and family that I get up to a lot of interesting things so I figured why not write it down! It is essentially a blog about my life but designed to give inspiration and advice based on my experiences.

To help you navigate to what is most useful to you, posts are labelled using on of the following:

- Outings: Anything where I've gone out and about visiting places and attractions will be under this label so if you are looking for ideas on places to go local to the Midlands look here.

- Foodie Talk: All things food and drink from home and eating out is under this label. I'm wheat intolerant so generally go with the gluten free menu when I'm out and am wheat free at home.

- Journal: This is more of a random category - things at home, seasonal and general thoughts are some of the things that can be found here.

- Keeping active: There are a few activities I love, cycling, hiking, yoga and climbing are my main activities and I have it on here because I've had some lovely feedback that this really inspires people to move more. For me it's all about day to day keeping healthy without being a major fitness junkie.

- Trips and Travels: Day trips, UK and abroad holidays are under this label. I'm a keen camper but also love city trips, countryside hotels and have been to some amazing places across the world including South Africa, Iceland, USA and parts of Europe.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (links are on the home page) but I'm most active on insta posting regular stories.

Thanks for reading!

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