Veg Plot Series - April

I’m hoping this post will be perceived as better late than never! I would have thought being in lockdown would have meant time would go slowly but I’m finding the complete opposite, I picked up my tablet to write this post and realised it’s the 10th already. 

April was a brilliant gardening month, I managed to get so much done and it’s the exciting time of seeing everything grow. I’ve actually just had a look through my March post and it’s crazy to see how much change there is in the plants already. There is still quite a bit indoors because risk of frost hasn’t passed yet (and in fact I’ve been tucking in what has been moves outdoors as temperatures have quite drastically dropped from jeans and T-shirt weather to fleece and winter coat!). 

Looking at my list from April, the cane structures are up (if you are interested there is a time lapse in my saved stories on my ‘thehomeplot’ Instagram account) which I’ve done a little differently to last year. These will hold most my peas and the beans. I’ve been having some trouble with these germinating this year though, the dwarf peas are doing great and I’ve already eaten some pods from them but I’m otherwise on my third go of trying to get them to come through. Only thing I can think is it was maybe a little too early for the first lot and I definitely overwatered the second so crossing fingers third time lucky! I could plant them out direct once the cold snap has gone but I’d prefer to get them started and strong indoors.


The sweetcorn is still indoors but growing well, their area has had a thick coating of manure as they like well fed soil so I’m letting all those nutrients absorb in before I plant them out. Cucumber, which are also indoors until at least mid May have shot up with their beautiful little tendrils starting to curl out.

I’ve started a trig of coloured carrots too, I’ve not tried these before and am excited to see how they do. They have germinated so hoping for a decent crop of many colours. Not only do I think they look really cool, it’s really great for your diet to have different coloured veg for the different nutrients they provide.

Potatoes are doing spectacularly well. They went out Easter weekend and both the Nicola salad potatoes which are in bags and Maris Pipers which are in the ground have shot up. I’m giving them food and earthing up as required. I think the bagged potatoes will be fully filled in May.


I didn’t do the herb bed for two reasons. It took a while to get the seeds and the fence that is by it came down! It’s taking a while to fix with us being in lockdown so I’ve now started the seeds in indoor pots and tubs instead of direct sow. 

The tomatoes are also doing well although they did droop a bit when they got potted on which I’ve not seen before. They picked up again quickly enough though. Some as still indoors but there are a few that have started hardening off. I don’t have a cold frame or greenhouse (yet) so for me it involves taking them out in he day and in at night. It can be a laborious task but I’ve found it not so bad working from home because I have a bit more getting ready time without a commute. 

The remainder of the list such as the border and tidying got done as well, not such glamorous tasks but worth it so have a happy place to spend time (for me anyway).

I added on a few tasks as well, I started off my pumpkins and squashes in April. I was seeing online a lot of people were doing it and it is a good time to start them so I have sown three of each and all have germinated and are waiting for bigger pots to become available.

My existing chilli plants have started flowering and producing little green chillis. I’ll wait for them to turn red before harvesting. I’ve also started a new chilli plant. I resubscribed the Kitchen Garden Mag which I got a load of free seeds with and one was the chilli de cayenne. I love getting these random seeds, it’s fun to experiment with different things.

May is a massively busy month in the garden, there are plants getting hardened up, plants potted up and new sowings as well as keeping on top of watering, weeding and earthing up. I need to do a bit more research on feeding too as this is something I normally fall short on and want to keep more on top of it this year. I’ve also added sowing more salad to May, the trig has gone berserk and think the lettuce will bolt soon (probably a bit warm in the window but it’s away from the slugs! I’ll put it out at some point).

I’ve been thinking of running a competition too on my Instagram page. I know seeds can be tricky to get a hold of and I’ve been doing some seed swaps on Instagram and it got me thinking that it’s close to being okay to direct sow so I’m planning to put some starter packs together from the seeds I have for people interested in beginning a home plot of their own. One to keep an eye out for in May if you are interested.

Dawn x

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