Veg Plot Series - March

For once I can actually say I am ahead of the game when it comes to the garden! Lockdown has meant I’ve had more time for the garden, plus the weather has been picking up.

I’ve gotten my most hated job done - cultivating the plot, it’s hard work but worth doing because of my soil being such solid clay and I didn’t get round to doing the green manure in the autumn so I needed to put in a bit more effort now. It means the plot is all tidy and ready to go!

The only things outdoors at the moment though are some rainbow chard and carrots in a tub which have been covered over to help protect from frost. I’ve also sown some California Poppy seeds which said on the packet could be sown. Not done flowers before so will see how they go. Pete managed to get the tree pruned and it was just in time as it’s just starting to sprout new leaves as I write this. The strawberries and raspberries are also still outside and covered.

There is a lot more plant action going on indoors, a lot of the seedlings have emerged now although most are still very small. I’ve got the potatoes chitting away in the the hallway ready to go out Easter weekend. The salad trug is on the go with lettuce, rocket and spring onion. I’ve planted spinach and kale too which haven’t appeared yet, don’t normally have issues with them germinating so not sure why but might put some more seeds in because I can always thin out if they make an appearance. There is some cress going strong in some of their own pots too.


I’ve also got some cucumber, peas and sweetcorn on the go in the house, it was a little early but not too much so and they are thriving at the moment so hopefully they will be nice and strong when it comes to planting out. I still have more variety of peas to go in as well as some beans.


The tomatoes are also doing really well and due to be potted on, although still kept in the house for now. The peppers took a while to germinate but are now tiny little plants in the mini greenhouse.


Something that wasn’t in the plan for this year was a ginger plant. Not entirely sure I’ve done it right but it’s a bit of a fun experiment. 

I’m now not able to go to the allotment, I can’t really go without my sister and it would be breaching social distancing rules so for now I’m sticking with the space at home. Last I saw the garlic was doing well and I managed to just about cover where the carrots were going to go with the last of some fleece. I had to redesign how I want to use the space at home because I have more plants to fit in now. I managed to get a last contactless delivery before Smiths Nursery closed so I should have enough compost, canes and I got some extra pots. Going to try and utilise more window space as well and keep some of the plants like some of the tomatoes and the peppers indoors. 

I’ve been thinking more and more that I’d like a greenhouse, I think we have space in the back of the garden for a small one so one to save for I guess! 

April is looking to be another busy garden month, I have some jobs that are garden related but not directly to the plot but it will help to make it a nicer space and free up a couple of pots for veggies.

One last thing before I go, I have a small section of the veg plot that is really shallow and stony and is more often than not in shade. I’ve tried growing things there without much luck but it seems a waste to not use the space. Any recommendations as to what I could put there? I was originally considering grapes because I know they don’t need deep, quality soil but they need the light. I’ll keep the thinking cap on but interested to hear from you.

Dawn x 

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