The At Home Series; Keeping Active

I’ve been finding it really important to keep active whilst in lockdown because I’m a lot more sedentary when working from home than when I go into the office. I only have to look at my Fitbit to see the reduction in steps if I don’t make any effort so I’ve been making sure I do a range of activities and I feel like I’m settling in with some new favourites to add to my existing ones. 


If you’ve read my blog for a while you will know this is not a new one to me, I’ve loved cycling for a while and it’s probably my most freeing activity. It’s normal for me to go some distance on the bike so I know I can do a local route that covers a good few miles without posing any danger. It’s one I feel I can quite easily do away from others as well, it’s not too difficult to give space where it is needed. I’ve enjoyed a few cycles so far and got a route from a friend on Strava that was really beautiful and one I will do again. I love on the bike that I’m focussing on what I’m doing and taking in the surrounding so I’m not really thinking about what’s going on in the world. I’ve had a few friendly hello’s from a safe distance which is always lovely. It’s one for me that really dusts off the cobwebs and helps with preventing a bit of cabin fever. If you are able to get out on the bike, it’s one I’d recommend.


I’ve been out walking most days that I’m working, I use my lunch break to have a wander just from my home around the local streets. It’s a great one for breaking up sitting at the laptop so I’m more awake for the afternoon. It can get quite busy though is the downside to it, people in my area have been good for giving distance but when there are a few groups out it can make it harder to keep a safe distance. I’ve not found myself in a situation where I’ve had break social distancing so it is doable, you just have to be a lot more aware of the people around you, particularly if it’s a sunny day when more people are leaving their homes. I have on one occasion walked round the garden for twenty minutes which got me moving and the heart pumping but I have to say wasn’t very exciting. I love being in the garden but wandering in a loop is one that is a needs must. It’s amazing what you can find in your local area though, only today I found a stream to walk along and it was beautiful.



Again, if you have read my previous blogs you’ll know I love my yoga and Yoga with Adrienne are my favourite blogs to follow. I have a whole blog on this so I’m not going to go into detail (post can be found 
here) but I have also joined Hot Pod yoga for a live class which I really enjoyed. It was to raise funds for NHS charities so was for a good cause and the session was great, it had plenty of content for beginners and more experienced and I really enjoyed it. I thought yoga was worth putting in here as it’s own section because I know a lot of people are struggling with mental health with everything that’s happening and I highly recommend it as one that people of any level and experience can join in with from home and it really clears your mind and relaxes you. A definite self care activity.


At Home Online Workouts

This is the newest one to me, I’m not really a gym goer and normally do enough other activity I don’t feel the need to do a ‘workout’ as such. I’ve been loving it though! I’ve done some dance based ones and some more PT lead which I’ve reviewed below. Most have been lives, I love a live workout I have discovered but there are benefits to the prerecorded too. Some of them do take me back to my childhood a little bit doing Mr. Motivator videos which were great fun! There are a lot of options available at the moment and I think I’m going to miss these a bit when we settle back into normal life.


The dance ones I’ve tried are both live ones but I believe the video stays up after if you aren’t too fussed about doing them as they are on.

My favourite of the dances is Ryan Heffington’s Sweatfest. You can really let loose, you don’t have to be a good dancer and he is hilarious! His description of some of the moves are spot on but very entertaining, the ‘car lot inflatable’ being one of my favourites. I did feel a little bit silly but nobody can see me and even if the odd person passing does see I’m sure it will give them a laugh! I can quite easily join this one live too because most classes are during the working day but because he’s American the time difference mean they fall into the evening for me. The only downside for me is he’s Instagram only so I can only watch on a small screen, not so much of an issue if you cast your phone onto the TV. His dances and really fun though and I’m having such a good time I don’t even really feel like I’m doing a workout even though I’m working quite hard.

The other one I’ve tried is Sarah Du-Feu’s The Ballet Coach session. I enjoyed trying this but it’s not one I’ve kept up with. She’s UK based and the most suitable class is when I’m working so I tried one of the intermediate adult sessions which was fine but I was a little lost at points. She is on YouTube so I can use the bigger screen and access classes after they are done but I’m finding I like the live aspect, it’s keeping me more motivated and I have a couple of other channels that are recorded that I’ll go to if I’ve not got a live class. Sarah is lovely though and she does a lot of kids classes too. Having no previous ballet experience and with timings I decided this one wasn’t for me, I liked it but there were others more suited.

Personal Trainer Lead

I’ve tried another couple of people for this style of workout and have kept both in my routine with one being live and the other pre-recorded.

Joe Wicks has been around as an online PT for a while now and you’ll likely have seen his PE classes but I’ve been picking up some of his adult workouts from YouTube. He seems like a genuinely lovely guy and is so enthusiastic about what he does. His classes are the only one of the workouts I do without music. Best way I can think to describe them is more of a typical gym workout with reps and sets but I’ve enjoyed them and feel like I’ve achieved something when I’ve done a class. I don’t need any equipment to do them either. With them being on YouTube I can watch them on the big screen at any time and with them being 20 mins (most the lives are an hour) I feel like I can get in a session when it’s convenient and even if I’m busy. 

I’ve also been doing Maeve Madden’s live Instagram workout on a Saturday. She runs them everyday but when I’m working so I only pick up at the weekend and on Saturday she goes all out with a full body session which nearly killed me the first time I did it! Loved it though and I was back for more. She has a really fun Instagram which I love and she really brings it into the session. She has a great playlist, although falls out with Alexa sometimes which adds to the amusement of the session, and it’s so easy to get into and you don’t realise where the time has gone. It can be a painful one afterwards but it’s a rewarding session. I do have to watch on the smaller screen with it being Instagram and I did get quite a bit of buffering on the last one. I did decide to take one of the workouts outdoors when it was lovely weather so the neighbours probably got a good laugh if they saw me!

I feel this range of activities has been a good balance for me, the biggest tip I could give is to do what feels right. If you only want to do something light, then go for it. If you want something extreme then that’s great too! There are loads of choices and I’d love to hear what you’ve been trying. My sister has recently recommended another one so I’m going to give that one a go.

Dawn x

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