Veg Plot Series - February

So February has been a bit of a wash out, three storms and almost constant rain does not allow for much productivity in the garden! This will probably quite a short post but I still wanted to write it.

There are certain things I’ve been able to do from the list but finishing pruning the tree and cultivating will have to move to March.

Cleaning the pots a trays I find a bit of a tedious job but worth doing, as well as the hygiene factor they just look so much better after. I normally give them a clean under the outside tap but with the awful weather I brought them all indoors and cleaned them in the bath! Was actually a lot better because the water was warm so it was nicer on my hands. 


I did get the autumn raspberry pruned, it was only a small job so decided just to get it done when we got a rare bit of sun! It’s my first time pruning the raspberries but read the autumn needs to go to ground level so that’s all I did!

The main thing this month though has been getting the tomatoes and peppers in. I’ve got several varieties of tomato (Moneymaker, Gardeners Delight, Alicante, Red Current and Yellow Current) and one variety of pepper (Beauty Bell F1). I’m so excited for the current tomatoes, not tried them before and we saw them at the Autumn Malvern shows and they look amazing. Hoping mine will grow as well as the ones we saw. I’ve mixed some potting soil with vermiculite and put the tomatoes in trays and the peppers in pots and covered with perlite instead of a layer of soil. I actually camped out in the living room with some old towels out instead of freezing in the damp shed that got storm damage.


I bought a new mini greenhouse this month as well from Ikea. I already have one but it’s so handy and I love how it looks so picked up a second one.

I’ve decided to put the March tasks on the blackboard, it’s quite easy to not pay attention to my notebook so I’m putting my task list in a more obvious place to try and encourage me to keep on track. Don’t feel behind at the moment apart from the tree which I can’t do a lot about but I’d really like to keep to time this year so whatever I can do to help with that I will do. I’ve included the list in the picture below. 

Not vegetable related but I’m loving the daffodils that have started coming up, think I need to get more of a range of spring flowers next year, love them.

Dawn x

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