The At Home Series

Like most people across the world at the moment the majority of plans I made in January are null and void for at the next couple of months. But I'm not going to use my blog to wallow, instead I'd like to share what I am, and will be doing during lockdown to keep entertained. 

I'll do a bit of an overview in this post and then I'll give some more specific recommendations for each of these in the coming weeks. It's important to have some variety in what you do whilst at home, apart from alleviating boredom it can also help reduce the anxiety and stress a lot of people are struggling with at the moment. 

Our mental and physical health has always been important but it is now more so than ever. It's easy to get drawn into things such and binge watching TV (which I know I'm guilty of doing - I've just put on Walking Dead!) and it can be a fun and relaxing distraction but isn't great for us in the long run which is why it's important to make the effort to do different things as well as we could be in this situation for some time yet.

Keeping active

This doesn't have to be only if you are a hardcore fitness addict normally - you will probably find that unless you are still going out to work that you will have a much more sedentary lifestyle. It's therefore worth making more of a conscious effort to get moving, without it you'll likely feel much more lethargic and anxious. Plus, keeping in good health also helps your immune system and can be fun if you find something you particularly enjoy. 

I've been doing a variety of things both in the house and on my government rationed once a day outdoors so I will share these with you in my next home series post. 


Online Social Events

Using technology to our advantage is one people have already been exploiting. I've already attended a couple of virtual events and am planning some more private ones too for keeping in touch with people. Even if you are camera shy, this is a good one to do because it gives us a much more social experience than messaging so it's an important one to help alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness that long term quarantine can bring.


This is probably one on every list you'll see on recommendations and you may already be doing it but I'm adding it in because I do think it's a good one for keeping mentally stimulated and is a great escapism technique. We may not be able to leave our homes unless its essential but in out minds we can go wherever we want to. 

It's an ideal time for catching up on some of those stories you have but never had the time to open or if you don't have anything in the house you have the options of ordering online or there is a huge library of e-books you can download. 

In my post on books I will share what I think is worth a read across a few genres and what is in my list to still to read.



Crafting has become a lot more popular in recent years and there is a huge variety to take part in. Whether you are an experienced crafter or picking up a new skill, this is one I'd highly recommend to do with your free time, it's fun and reduces anxiety so is a win-win! 

I will share with you some of my crafts as well as some people you can follow for tutorials and inspiration.

Getting organised

This one can seem like a bit of a chore but it's so satisfying when it's done and why not whilst we have the time. Having a good sort of everything will make your living environment a much happier place to be in and will make it easy to maintain a happy and tidy space. I'm quite a naturally tidy person (my husband is not!) but I've started focusing on areas I don't normally get much time for so I will share some tips to get this done.


So this is my list so far, I may discover and add new things as well go but for now, I hope everybody stays safe and well.

Dawn x

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