The Veg Plot Series - January

I’m being more organised with the garden this year, I let a lot slip last year so in an attempt to not get behind I’ve done some planning on what I want to grow, what jobs I need to do each month and scheduled things into my calendar.


Even though it’s been winter there have been jobs to do in the garden, mostly tidying but it’s also the time of year for pruning the apple tree.


I’ve had a couple of clearing sessions, one at the allotment where I got out anything dead and all the weeds. Was good to see the garlic coming through and some of the leeks were still going too. At home it was just a case of weeding tidying away what I wasn’t using. I was hoping to do more cultivating but we’ve had so much rain and the ground is too sodden to be able to so I’m putting that job back. I’ve made sure the raspberries and strawberries are tucked up in their fleece too and I randomly have some sweet peas doing really well in the planter. I’ve also got some rainbow chard coming back through where I put down some seeds a couple of years ago!


The apple tree is the biggest job this season. It’s such a big tree so the pruning is done a bit at a time. I’ve made a start and will finish up in Feb before we get into the next growing season. I’ll use some of the off cuts to make labels and I’ll donate some to my sister & friends bunnies as they are really good for them to chew on.


A job I have let slip is putting the manure down, just out of pure laziness because the bags are tucked away but I’ll make sure I do it early in Feb.

The jobs coming up over the next month as well as the tree, cultivating and putting down manure will be to clean up all the pots and trays, prune the autumn raspberry and sow the peppers and tomatoes. Feels early to do them with it being winter still but what I’ve read is to start them in Feb, I’ll probably keep them indoors for longer than I normally would to make sure they are well established. 

Dawn x

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