Yoga January

January is a big month for me with yoga now. It started last year when I discovered Yoga with Adriene 30 day programme (I wrote a blog post about it at the time) which this year is called Home. I’ve also become a regular at The Nook which is a new retreat in Coventry City Centre which I started going to just before Christmas.

I’m actually managing to keep track with the daily yoga this year, I started on 2nd Jan when it began and haven’t missed one yet and it’s pretty cool knowing I’m doing the same yoga practice as so many people across the globe - feels quite supportive even though it’s done at home. As with last years, it’s a well put together series of sessions and Adriene is lovely. I must admit I’ve had a couple of days where I’ve thought I couldn’t be bothered but I put it on and turned up anyway and ended up feeling all the better for it. 


I wasn’t intending to go to the Nook as well whilst the programme is running but it’s such a peaceful and beautiful place and I’ve immediately found a class I love - Yinyasa - that I decided to carry on and actually it’s fit in well so far. It’s different to the at home yoga as this is more of a mix of styles, more advanced and a faster pace so the mix of this with at home has been great. I’ll write more about the nook in a dedicated blog sometime. 

I do continue with more intermittent yoga through the rest of the year and have been making use of my journal but I do enjoy the extra focus in January. I’m not a fan of winter and my activity majorly drops so it’s good for bringing my strength back up a bit (now along with the climbing as well). It’s also brilliant self care, this year has been an odd one already with some great things booked and planned but also some real low points and work has gone absolutely mental so it’s so valuable to have my own space and time to be able to clear my mind as well as develop physically. 

I’d like to try more free styling as well as we go through the year, I’ve built up a good foundation of knowledge so feel more confident to improvise. I’ve already been practicing my inversions and would like to be able to get crow as well. 

I’d love to hear how you are getting on if you are also following Home, my personal favourite has been Reset so far. 

Until next time, Namaste...

Dawn x

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