Happy New Year!

I hope you have had a wonderful festive period and are now settling into the new year. Mine has been lovely - ate lots, drank lots, got some brilliant presents and got to spend quality time with friends and family. I’ve not been able to blog and have been completely useless with taking photos (this will change in Jan!) but I’ve put a few below from Instagram as a mini update.

(Work Christmas Party)

 (Annual uni meet up - this year was Banbury)

(Made our own wreaths as we couldn’t get onto the normal workshop)

(Enjoyed doing something cooking too)

I’ve been doing quite a bit of planning for 2020 which is a busy but exciting one and I thought I’d do my first blog of the year to share with you what’s coming up. 

The Veg Plot Series: I’ve been doing a fair bit of planning for the veg plot and allotment over the past couple of weeks. I’ve drawn out roughly what I’d like to do where, split out what needs doing when and created a calendar to try and keep me on track! Look out for updates towards the end of each month if you are interested in growing food.

(Rough guide for next years growing)

Travel: I have a few trips in various stages of planning and will be a mix of UK & abroad. There will be more camping, a hen do for my sister in Barcelona and possibly a kayaking trip in Norway.

Getting outdoors: I’ll be doing a lot of hiking and cycling this year to get me out in the fresh air. I’m still loving the cycling (went out on Christmas Eve before being very lazy for the rest of the Christmas period!) so will be getting out on the country lanes as well as a few trails on the mountain bike. Walking took a bit of a back seat after injuring my knee in the spring but it’s something I’ve enjoyed for years so want to make sure I get out there more this year and have already planned in some dates with some friends.

(Sunset on Christmas Eve)

Climbing: I’ve taken a bit of a break from climbing for the last part of 2019 but have already returned to the climbing centre so will be able to share more on how I get on.

Yoga: I’ve started the year well with this years 30 day yoga programme from Yoga with Adriene of which I’m on track with (I know it’s early days but I’m exceeding last year!). I’ve also started classes at The Nook which a new yoga centre in Coventry City Centre, it’s such a peaceful and beautiful space and has some great instructors. 

(New yoga centre - The Nook)

As well as these there will be Cov Blogger events, foodie events and possibly a return trip to Harry Potter studios and of course there is going to be the unexpected which haven’t been planned in! If there is anything you’d like to see on the blog or there is anything in particular you are looking forward to, let me know in the comments.

Dawn x

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