Day Trip to Bristol {Gifted Experience}

Yesterday I had the opportunity through Coventry Bloggers to go to Bristol for the day with iLuv Events UK. I’ve been to Bristol before but it was a few years ago and remember it being a lovely city with the river, architecture and plenty to do.

We decided to do a combination of site seeing and Christmas shopping for the day (I’m so behind on Christmas shopping this year, I’m normally nearly done by now!). 

We met the coach outside Coventry Cathedral which is a beautiful area of the city but somewhat fresh at half eight in the morning with frost glistening and a settled mist but we soon warmed up as we settled in for the journey. 

It was a smooth ride down and once we got to Bristol we parked up on Spike Island and stopped for a group photo before heading to M Shed which is a free museum dedicated to the history of Bristol. 


We had some food here and had a look round the exhibit of which the bikes were my favourite, they had an interesting range including a penny farthing and an early model motorbike that had pedals for when you couldn't use the engine. Me and Pete were both in agreement we wouldn’t want to cycle that up a hill! 

We then took a scenic (but very cold!) walk along and over the river towards the Cathedral. I love the architecture of cathedrals and enjoyed having an explore of Bristol’s which was both impressively designed and wasn’t restrictive on where you could go and what you could look at. 

There is a lot more site-seeing to be done in Bristol and iLuv Events were good with recommending places with our confirmation but there is also a great shopping quarter and as we wanted to get some Christmas shopping done we headed that way after the Cathedral. 

(It was brighter when we first walked through but I was a bad blogger and didn’t take a pic!)

On the way we stumbled across an antique and makers market which was pretty cool to have a browse through on our way to the main shopping area. 

We did a bit of a miscalculation for lunch, we wanted to eat our main meal at lunch as we’d be travelling in the evening but we waited until we got to the shopping area to look and whilst there is a great selection it was rammed and we were looking at a half hour wait minimum to be seated so we ended up having a Five Guys so we didn’t spend all our shopping time in a restaurant. What we found later was there was a great street food area right by the market we’d walked through we could have eaten at. We enjoyed our burgers at least but it’s one to watch out for if you go, especially in the busier periods.

We did manage to spend a good few hours looking round the shops and picked up some presents (not going to say what they were because the people they are for will most likely read this!). There was a good range of shops for us to look through and I managed to exercise some self control not just to go in my favourite shops a buy for myself, which I’m not going to lie, has happened in the past...

We took a slow stroll back towards the coach. We didn’t take a direct route back and stumbled across a covered market which we enjoyed spending a bit of time walking round (this is where we found the street food). 

The waterways were pretty in the dark with all the lights reflecting off the surface and we grabbed a hot chocolate before meeting up at the pick up place. 

It was a good feeling after a full day that neither of us had to concentrate in the dark for the drive back. Thank you iLuv Events UK for the gifted experience and Coventry Bloggers for setting it up. 

Dawn x

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