The Veg Plot Series - Summer

I’ve been a bit terrible for blog posts lately which means I’ve missed a few veg plot updates! Figured the best thing to was to do a full summer update to get back on track. 


The real highlight for the summer was the peas, they have been great and will definitely be doing them again next year. Think they would still be going strong if I’d been pro-active to use feed and not just water. Lesson learnt for next year! I’m actually quite sad to be taking down the frame now, it’s done really well considering it’s not something I’ve done before and we have had some pretty bad weather spells. Think I will try and have a play around and change how I do it next year though, the peas didn’t seem to want to grip to it much so a few ended up on the ground.


The lettuce, kale and spinach also did great this year, growing huge. They lasted a good while before bolting end of August too. I’m a bit of a pick and come again rather than harvesting full lettuces. I’ve now got more seedlings going so hopefully I’ll have more coming, I’ve tried a winter variety of lettuce too so will be interesting to see how that one goes.

The garlic didn’t do so well this year, they got a bit damaged in storms and the remaining once’s started rotting quite quickly after they were ready to harvest so haven’t gotten any this year. Will try again though as I loved having last years.

The raspberries and strawberry’s have been an odd one, the strawberry has way outlasted last year (I think thanks to the reservoir in the hanging basket) but hasn’t grown much or produced anything. The raspberries after having a strong start seemed to go yellow and droop so need to look more into the care of these. Have a summer and autumn variety to also need to look at what I’m doing with the canes soon.


I missed having the cucumber and tomatoes this year,  light got the tomatoes very early on so decided to give them a rest this year and th cucumber I ended up leaving too late after the seedlings died away. It was really noticeable, especially the cucumber which I’d have with my lettuce & spinach.


Potatoes look like they are doing really well despite the fact I put them in so late. Time will tell with them but going to leave them in for a while longer yet to give them plenty of chance to grow. The foliage at least is looking good on them, they have flowered and I’ve been adding soil to the bags as they grow.

The squash were also very late after the first batch had storm damage with only one surviver. I sowed more and they are now partially in the ground and partially in pots ready to go in. If you haven’t seen my instagram account you won’t know that I now have a second plot of land to grow food. My sister got an allotment and has given me some space on it so I’ve been up there clearing the soil and that’s where the squashes are going. It been lovely going up and having the community side of gardening as that’s the thing I miss on my at home Plot.


Chard didn’t do well this year, I was planning to leave it in over winter but it was looking so bad I decided to get it up and start again! I suspect where I moved them to they were getting more slug damage so I, hoping now it’s getting colder it won’t be such an issue and I’ll get some slug traps as well as the bottles I’ve got. Love the ones on Lavendar and Leeks shop so going to get those at some point. 

The sweetcorn have also been a weird one this year but I’d like to give them another try. The first seedlings were tiny and wilted away in the ground. The second group had a really strong start but then stayed really small! They can’t be more than a foot high but they do a a cob on each one so leaving them in to see how then do. Pierre the scarecrow has been doing a good job of keeping the birds away!

Final summer update is the apple tree - after having absolutely nothing on it last year there are tonnes this year. Some are so high up too, not sure how I’m going to harvest. It’s looking great though and picking up th fallen apples is a fun game for my niece and nephew! 


This year has had a lot going on so I’ve been winging it a bit with the plot and I seem to do much better when I plan so I’ve sat down to do a bit for the Autumn/Winter and will start prepping for it now. I have some seedlings going already and been clearing the plot ready for next planting out and covering up but there will be more on that in the next update.

Dawn x

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