Camping in Cornwall

We haven’t been camping in years so for my birthday we took the tent and headed down to Cornwall. We’d pre booked with it being a popular holiday destination and a bank holiday weekend (so yes, I’m writing this blog late but I really want to get it written up). We’d chosen Coastal Valley Camp and Crafts as it was a small site that allowed camp fires and they seemed really well set up. They were in a good spot for us, close to the surfing beach we wanted to go to and we could re-use our Eden passes.

The drive down was a long one and we stopped off in Padstow for lunch which is a lovely little village with a harbour, shops, cafes. We cycle the camel trail last time we were there but had some fish and chip and a walk round this time before heading to the campsite.

We had a decent sized pitch space for our little two man, even with the wind break to give us a more sheltered outdoor seating area and we were right by a stream which was pretty but fairly well covered with foliage. There was a little camp shop and the toilet/shower and kitchen block were well maintained. The fire rules weren’t quite what we expected, we thought we’d be having open fires but we need a chiminea or similar which was fine because we were able to book something for the nights we were cooking at camp. 


The tent was a bit of a squash for 3 nights, we weren’t only camping which meant we had more things as well so we bought a bigger tent for next time! We managed though, we got rain which didn’t help because we weren’t always able to spread out outdoors. It wasn’t constant though so we were able to spend a bit of time outside with the fire, cooking food and reading which is what we did on the first night (I had Night Watch with me). 


The Saturday we were up early, did breakfast on the little stove and headed to the beach. I wasn’t able to suit in the end, if you follow know me or follow me on Instagram you’ll know I injured my knee (cartilidge damage) and the physio said it was too soon to be surfing. I was happy to sit on he beach though, it’s on of my happy places sitting on the sand watching the sea or reading a book so I was perfectly content for Pete to surf whilst I stayed on the beach. The sun came out for a little which made it even better! Managed to get some photos of Pete surfing too (A family friend very kindly let us borrow her DSLR so I’ve been practicing with it as we may get our own at some point). I got to use my new Teselate towel too which I loved, it was good for sitting on, the sand didn’t stick and dried quickly too so when I went for a a paddle and got caught by a couple of waves it was handy!


We headed up to Rick Stein’s for lunch. Pete had hake and I had fish bites with a shared cheesy chips and I had to try the Tarquin’s and Rick Stein’s gin. With the sun on our backs it was lovely to sit eating, drinking and watching the other surfers. 


We also had a good look around in the surf shops before heading  back to camp to get ready for dinner out at Wax in Watergate Bay. We were a bit undecided on walking because it was raining again but not heavily. By the time we were due to go it had stopped so we decided to walk there, the route was through a farm and along a coastal path. It was a fairly casual place to eat which was just what we were after. I’d originally been looking at some of the fancier places which were more difficult to find a table at and would have been more tricky getting dressed up for whilst we were camping so we were more than happy to have a couple of pizzas and drinks at Wax.

Sunday we visited a vineyard which we only decided on and booked when we arrived in Cornwall. Trevibban Mill Vinyard was about 20 mins away from the campsite (we took a taxi so we could both do the tastings) and they had a really interesting tour which included a walking tour of the vinyard, food and tastings. We really enjoyed the tour, it was a bit of a wet morning but we had waterproofs and our big umbrella so it wasn’t really an issue. The vineyard was one of the smaller ones in the area which we liked because it was much more of a personal tour, one of the owners took us round and she told us all about their story and how they set up as well as going through what was there. 


After the walking tour we headed inside for food and tastings, the food was platters of hummus, bread & peppers, locals meats and then local cheeses and we had wines to accompany. We thoroughly enjoyed it all and enjoyed chatting to the other people on the tour too. 

We had another evening then chilling out and cooking on the fire at the campsite. 

The final day we went to Eden project. We went last time we were in Cornwall and still had passes so it made sense to go again and spend a bit of time in the biomes. I was really hoping to go on the canopy walk to the top of the Tropical biome but the heat and humidity was too high so it was closed. Pete was struggling with with temperature too so we headed to the Mediterranean biome where we spend a good amount of time looking around and taking photos. I love the shop there too, so many sustainable items and I got a travel coffee cup made of bamboo an a plant pot.


We had a great time and we are going to go on more camping trips which we said we could do closer to home, it’s nice to get away but we think there will be loads of great places to camp without having to travel too far. Let us know if you have any suggestions!

Dawn x

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