Basement Browns (Gifted Experience)

I recently got invited to Basement Browns with Cov Bloggers which as a pizza lover was a definite event to attend. I've wanted to go to the restaurant in Leamington Spa for a while but never got round to it so was really happy when they opened one in Coventry. I used to eat out a lot and was the base of a lot of my earlier blogs but they seem to have become for occasions only lately which needs to change as there are so many great places to eat! 

From the moment I stepped into the restaurant I was a happy person, it was styled with reclaimed wood style tables, chairs and backing and there was a wood fired stove alight and ready to cook our pizzas. There was a great selection too, there were different sizes to have and you could either choose your own toppings or select on of the ones on the menu. There were loads of sides and dips, refillable drinks and I had to have a Brewdog beer as they had a decent selection and I'd not had some of them before.

I went for an individual with param ham, mushrooms and sweetcorn and a side of sweet potato fries. It was really interesting to see what other people were ordering too - I don't normally have to consider vegan options but from what I understand there was a good choice and brilliant vegan cheese.

The order didn't take long to get out to us and they all looked amazing. Wood fire cooked pizza tastes amazing and they had cooked it so well, the crust was crispy but not solid with a good amount of topping. I really enjoyed my option, it tasted amazing and the portion size was spot on. I had a great evening chatting away with the other bloggers as well, always have a fun time when we meet up. 

With Gemma from just_gem_blog &  Amy from writingintotheeather

I strongly feel like Pete needs to try this place too (with me of course!) because he'd love it too and it's one I'll be recommending to anybody that enjoys pizza. Whilst this was a gifted experience I did have a look at the prices and thought they were pretty decent, the lunch menu was great value and they have a loyalty scheme and specialty nights - when I go back it needs to be pizza and beer night!

Dawn x

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