Auntie Anne’s Pretzels (Gifted Experience)

Today I went on a gifted experience with Auntie Anne’s Pretzels through the Cov Bloggers group. We met up in West Orchards where Auntie Anne’s is based to try some of the sweet pretzels and we also got to have a go at making our own!

The lovely staff at Auntie Anne’s showed us how it was done first, it’s pretty impressive how quickly they can do them so neatly but I was also impressed at how well ours went considering we’ve not done them before. We rolled them, shaped them and once the were baked coated them in sugar. They were all different sizes and took a few tries but they turned out pretty well! It was a good laugh as well as being interesting to see how the pretzels are made.


The biggest bonus was being able to not only eat what we made but we got to try a few other pretzels as well. We got some bites and their own made lemonade (which was delicious) in a goodie bag and we had a milk and white chocolate filled pretzel and a twix filled one. All were lovely but the twix was my favourite.


The savoury pretzels looked amazing too, definitely going to go back at some point to try them, I was quite impressed with the deals they had on, would make a good lunch when I’m in town. 


It was good fun meeting up with the Cov Bloggers too, everybody got really involved and there was a really good buzz to the event. Had a really good time and I’m looking forward to the next event (which is tomorrow so I don’t have long to wait!)

Dawn x

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