Veg Plot Series: May Update!

This will be a fairly short update because I’ve not had much chance to be in the garden with going away twice and having birthdays to celebrate but there has been some progress.
The lettuce, kale and spinach is not only in the ground but growing madly! Half of the sweetcorn are out but not looking quite so healthy - I’m wishing I’d left the cloche on whilst we were away but I still have more to go out (which I really need to do because they should have been out already!)
Peas are doing quite well too, some look better than others but they are growing which is great seeing as they were so pot bound going in. Some have flowers on now too. We also have two random carrots that have done well whilst the others didn’t make an appearance at all. 

The raspberries that are new to the garden seem to be doing well too, they have more foliage than when they went in anyway, we’ll see how they go. I also got some strawberries to put in the hanging basket but they are also still in the window! We are also getting apples this year which is great because we hardly had anything last year but I can see them all over the tree (which I spotted when sheltering from the rain when I decided it was a good idea to go out and weed...)

The cucumbers are a complete write off unfortunately, they were doing so well but I think I just didn’t pot them on soon enough and they didn’t survive. Think I’ll get a couple of small plants and a grow bag for this year so I’m not really behind with them. Love cucumber and it would be a shame not to have them when the rest of the salad is growing so well. 

I did sow some seeds during May - pumpkins, squash and calibrase which have had a mix of success - the calibrase being completely shrivelled and the pumpkins and squash that have germinated are doing well but will need potting on very soon. 
Probably my most disgraceful neglect has been with the potatoes - they should have been in during Easter weekend but they aren’t! Still going to plant them, might just have to leave them until very late in the season. I do however have some plants growing from the bag & tub I used last year. I kept all the soil in with the left over roots and the leaves (mostly) look like potato plant so I’m leaving them to see what happens - could get some great potatoes, could be nurturing a load of weeds! Time will tell.

Of the 6 chilli seeds I planted, only one has germinated, it’s still very small but think I’ll move it to it’s own pot soon anyway. It’s the only one that stays in the house. I learnt after throwing my last years plants out that they can be cut back and regrow the following season so if this does well I’ll aim for that. 
That’s all for May! Looking forward to starting having home grown salad for lunch next week (ignoring the cucumber!) 
Dawn x

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