Body Shop at Home Event

Today way my first Body Shop at Home event which I hosted (with the help of my friend Laura) at my house as an open invite type occasion. I knew beforehand that the attendance wasn’t going to be massive but I still enjoyed putting together the display from my starter kit and products that I use myself. I also set up a ‘kids corner’ with a tent and some toys as I knew there was going to be a toddler in attendance and put on a small number of snacks and had the kettle at the ready!


I wasn’t sure what to expect from the event but I had a really good time, we had a play around with the products and Laura brought the Shea butter with recipes on how to make things like lip scrubs, body wash, bath melts etc and kept it very casual. Was a good excuse to have a catch up with some friends as well as trying the Body Shop products plus my friends daughter was super cute and entertaining as always.

I figured this post would be a good time to talk about why I’ve been using more Body Shop lately - whilst it has been great to support Laura I’d actually started increasing what I was using before she picked it up and it’s because of it’s cruelty free status. There are other products I use as well such as Urban Decay and Too Faced but I use these as my more ‘luxury’ items and I wanted something that was affordable, decent and didn’t cause suffering to animals and Body Shop fit perfectly into that category. Whilst I’m not vegan, my own views (and I’m not expecting that everybody else’s should be the same, everybody is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions) are that whilst I’m happy to eat meat which I feel is a natural part of the food chain I don’t think animals should be harmed for something I put on my skin.


I read something around the time of the Grand National (which was an internet statement so to be taken with a pinch of salt but there is some supporting evidence behind if you look) that make-up brands kill more animals than horses have died racing. The Coventry Telegraph state that 83 horses have died taking on the Aintree course and if you look at Humane Society International it’s estimated that 100-200,000 animals suffer and die from cosmetics every year. Even if the figures aren’t exact, it’s a massive difference and hit home with me.

I’ve also learnt about the great work Body Shop do with community support which makes using the products all the better as well as the sustainability such as with the cork make up bags, compostable face masks and recyclable packaging. 

I don’t think hosting events is something I’ll do regularly because they take quite a bit of work and it’s time I don’t really have but I did have a lot of fun and would do one again (considering doing a Shea Butter Workshop Event with Laura). I’m all packed away now and ready to enjoy the Bank Holiday Monday!

Dawn x

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