March & April Veg Plot Update

I was wondering when to start this blog series because spring is normally a very busy time in the gardeners schedule but I’ve not actually been able to do massive amounts. I’ve not been able to do any prep work over the winter and have done the minimum since. It’s a multitude of reasons why which I won’t bore you with now but despite this I am in an okay position for this years growing.


The ground may not be in as good a condition as I want it to be but it’s workable and I have plants that are ready for outdoor planting. I started off my seeds in March and felt very late putting them in but the seeds I sowed grew so quickly that I’m actually putting them out before risk of frost has passed because they have become root-bound. I have some tunnels and cloches I can use if we do get any frost forecast so hoping that will be okay.


I’ve started off with peas, sweetcorn (which are both new for me), cucumber, tomato, pepper, lettuce, kale and spinach. I’ve tried growing some chilli plants too but not one has sprouted yet. The peas I’ve put in the ground this weekend and may still do the lettuce, kale & spinach. I wasn’t sure how I’d get on with my knee being injured but I’ve managed to do a lot sat down and really happy I came out. I’ve not enjoyed being crippled and it’s not only nice and calming being in the garden but feels good to actually get something done. Feel quite satisfied with the pea frame I put up last week as well, love the look of frames and it’s held during the strong winds we’ve had which I don’t think is bad considering I’ve not done one before.


I also have some new raspberry plants which I’ve decided to grow at the top of the garden where they will get the most sun. They are currently in pots and I’ve seen a planter in Ikea I’d really like to get, just need to measure up and go get it if it’s the right size.

The garlic is doing okay, some have been damaged by the recent high winds but still have plenty going strong. I’m overdue getting some manure but when I do get chance to go dig some up from the yard they will get some round them as feed and mulching. 

New to the veg plot this year are my hoe, scarecrow and hanging basket reservoir. The first two were brilliant Christmas gifts, the hoe has already been making my life so much easier and love Pierre the scarecrow, he looks great on the plot. He’s been protecting the garlic and leeks so far but the last of the leeks will be coming out soon and the sweetcorn going in. The reservoir hasn’t been used yet but should help with watering in the summer, slowly releasing water to the plants. I also had a bit of a raid of Aldi when they had stuff in of more cloches, tunnels and trays.


Next for me is to get some strawberry plants to put in the hanger and I’m going to get more seeds started. Might try more carrots as I put some in then forgot to water them...not my smartest move. The tomatoes, peppers sweetcorn and cucumber are hardening off and will need planting out shortly too.

Dawn x

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