GoApe Coventry (Gifted Experience)

I was recently gifted the experience to try out the new Coventry GoApe at Coombe Abbey and I jumped at the opportunity to go as me and a Pete love this kind of thing. We were excited about going but we didn’t realise just how epic this new site was going to be!


After completing the safety briefing we were off! It was a different system to what we are used to, there is a lot more clipping and unclipping but it’s only with one line, the other is a pulley that is always attched so the extra clipping seemed worth it for the safety aspect. I was also glad I’d taken my fingerless cycling gloves, I still had dexterity but was also a little warmer and my hands had that bit of protection. I’ve only ever done GoApe in the sun before so a cold drizzly day was a new experience with it but it actually didn’t deter us at all, we just had to be sensible with what we were wearing. 


There are several different routes round and the first (after climbing up) dove straight into a zip line through the trees. There were plenty of walkways and obstacles to navigate and finished with a zip line to the bottom.


The second section takes you all the way round the outside of the course. It’s a brilliantly long section with different obstacles to overcome and give amazing views of the grounds. You can see the Abbey itself on this part of the course too. I’ve always loved the grounds of Coombe Abbey and doing GoApe was able to give me a whole new perspective on it. There were a few times I stopped just to admire the surroundings. I loved as well at how well the course fits in, it blends in with it’s environment so doesn’t take away any of the beauty of the park.


The third section of the course includes the Tarzan swings. We’ve done this before at other sites but not in tandem, it was really cool that they had two set up next to each other so me and Pete were able to swing together. From there you get to climb the cargo net and continue on with the obstacles. 

The fourth was my favourite part of the course. We’d had great fun so far and we were now climbing further to a series of zip lines. They were higher, longer and mostly through the trees but there was also an amazing final line through the big open field towards the back of the park. It was a duel line so was another one me and Pete could do together. It was also huge! Loved how high and long it was, it even needed its own raised platform for landing. I loved soaring through the air and being able to take everything in. 

The final part of the course was the one I was nervous about - The Plummet. I know from canyoning I’m not great at voluntarily stepping off vertical drops so knew before we went up it wouldn’t be an easy one for me to do. Heights don’t bother me, I can happily stand on the edge and look down without it phasing me but stepping off of that ledge is an entirely different matter! Pete went first and was straight off, he said he was nervous so didn’t want to hang around. I on the other hand took about 2 minutes to actually go and at one point didn’t think I could do it. After some deep breathes I went for it and stepped off zipping my way to the ground. I had quite a few spectators at this point and was welcomed to a round of applause for doing it which was lovely, a really supportive environment. 

With the course complete we headed to our starting point to grab my bag and take off harnesses and collect our certificates and then we headed up to the parks cafe for some lunch. We’d been on the course for a good few hours so whilst this was a gifted experience for us I thought it was decent value for money and would happily go again (and most likely will be going again, I know a few people who want to try it out).

A huge thank you to GoApe for having us, including all the staff there who were all lovely and took very good care of us and to the Coventry Bloggers group for opening up the opportunity for me. It was a really special day, as I said earlier, we love this kind of activity and to be first round a lot of the course made it all the more exciting. 

Dawn x

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