Yoga at Home

I used to do yoga classes with a friend until she became pregnant and it wasn’t feasible for us to go anymore so I’ve only done the occasional yoga session at home since. The YouTube channel I follow (many of you may know already as she has a lot of followers) - Yoga with Adriene - was releasing a 30 day programme which can be done on the same day as many others across the world during January or at your own pace. I chose the latter as I started late because I wasn’t well and with the hall it’s not been possible to keep up everyday. 

There was a period where I managed most days but I’ve slowed again but I’m determined to get to the end as I’ve really enjoyed doing it. It gives me 20-40 mins, depending on the video, to myself where I don’t have to think or do anything else other than the yoga so it’s been good whilst we’ve has so much going on to have that space.

It’s also a very well put together programme, I’ve really felt a positive difference in myself for doing it and you can tell she’s put a lot of time and thought into the design of it. Adriene is also perfect at running the sessions, she clearly knows her stuff, is very calming and I find her sense of humour brilliant, I’ve burst out laughing mid session on several occasions. Bengi (her dog who has been in the videos) is really cute too and I’ve been loving the backdrop, makes me want to visit Texas! 

I love the whole philosophy of ‘find what feels good’ as well, something I’ve been using more in everyday life (and inadvertently quoted to somebody the other week). Once I’ve completed the 30 days I’ll definitely be carrying on with the non programme sessions more regularly because I’ve been enjoying it so much and it’s helping me get healthier so it’s a win-win for me. I’d like to pick up the odd class again but it’s finding something that’s suitable.


Kit that I wear when doing yoga has been a mix of things but I’ve settled on my favourites of Adidas leggings paired with my Vans vest top or Topshop Paris top (both of which are loose but don’t hang in my face too much when doing things like downward facing dog and forward fold). I’ve tried wearing a hoodie when I’ve been chilly but it doesn’t work very well, the hood never behaves! As time goes on I might invest in some more yoga gear, especially if I go to classes. 


Dawn x

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