Herbert Art Gallery - Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibit

Last weekend we had a bit of an impromptu visit to the Herbert Art Gallery. We knew we wanted to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit and the perfect opportunity presented itself on Saturday whilst we were waiting for MOT, service & repairs on the car. I really enjoy galleries but don’t get chance to go very often but was determined to see this exhibit with my love of nature so was thrilled that we got to go sooner than anticipated.

It was quite a cool entrance to the exhibit with a sliding door that had a lion on it into the gallery space. We started to the right and worked our way round and one of the first photos we saw was my favourite of the day. Taken by a 15 year old (which is incredible in itself) there was a gorgeous photo of a leopard. It was a great picture and took me back to when we saw a leopard in SA (can safely say my photos were not to the same standard!). 

Working our way round there were plenty more amazing pictures to see, some cute, some clever and some very hard hitting. I loved the stories along with the pictures too. They detailed a bit about the photographer, the scenario in which the picture was taken and where in the world it was taken which was really interesting.

It was a comfortable space to take time wandering around. At one point we had a sit down just to take things in as well. 

Even with it being wildlife themed there was still quite a range with there being different sections such as insects, animals living in water, landscapes, urban (there was one I loved here with a hummingbird on a dark background surrounded by artistic graffiti) amongst another’s. 

When we’d finished in the exhibit we had a look round the shop, wanted a fridge magnet of the leopard but it seemed to be one of the few they didn’t have which was typical! There is also a cafe avaliable on site but we didnt go in so couldn’t comment on what it’s like.

The gallery are also running a separate competition to photographer of the year which involves posting photos on social media and adding the tags #HerbertWildSide and #WPY54 I will definitely be getting involved, sound like fun and have plenty of pics, just need to decide which I want to enter. (More details here: Wildlife Photography Competition)

The exhibit is running until 2nd June if you want to go, I may go back for another look sometime - one of the bonuses with the gallery is you can go as much as you like because it’s free entry - can’t get any better value than that!

We weren’t able to take any photos of the exhibit so all the pictures in this blog have been kindly provided by the gallery.

Dawn x

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