Decorating the Hall

Part of the reason why my blog has been so quiet lately is because we have been doing some home improvement so I’ve not really been going out much to be able to write about things to do. We’ve still got more before we finish and then there is the living room and bedroom to do so I thought I’d start this new style of post that’s more of an update on me in addition to any posts on what I do. That way I may be able to keep more regular posts going. 

We started the hall a while ago but it got paused for various reasons until after New Years where we decided to completely focus on it to get it done. It’s involved a lot of sanding (which I hate more than wallpaper stripping), repairs, several coats of paint, coving and we are nearly ready for the floor to go down (yay!) and banisters done.


Can’t say I’m a massive fan of decorating, it wreaks havoc with my skin, is knackering and feels like it’s taking over my life! However, the change in the hall is already incredible and we’ve not even finished yet. Feel pretty satisfied knowing we’ve done that, it’s not perfect but feel like we’ve done a good job and it’s paying off. 


I wish I’d gotten some ‘before’ photos but I do have some from the beginning of the year so you have a rough idea on what it was like (and how hideous our old carpet was!) and I’ll put something on my instagram stories when it’s done so if you are like me and enjoy a nosy at other homes you can see the final result. 

Dawn x

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