Day Trip to Sheffield

Yesterday we went on a day trip to Sheffield. The main reason for shopping was to go to Aspire Hair but we decided to make a day of it. Quite last minute I started looking at what there is to do there and we had quite a few options. We decided of the choices to go to the antique district just outside of the city centre, it’s something we both enjoy and thought it would be a great opportunity to pick up some vintage things for the house.

First impressions of the place were not quite what we were expecting. We could only see a couple of antique places and the area didn’t seem to fit the ‘up and coming’, ‘vibrant’ area that it had been described as. There was a point where we questioned if we were in the right place. We managed to get parked easy enough as we’d arrived as places were just opening up and headed towards Sheffield Antique Centre. 

There were some really interesting things outside we’d have loved for the garden but there wasn’t any way we could have gotten them back in the car. We headed inside and had a good wander and found a couple of things for the house - we got a 1930’s camera and a vintage OS map (which we couldn’t get of Cov so we got of Devon & Cornwall instead as we have been on holiday there many times and love it). We had thought of framing the map but we aren’t going to see the front cover that we really like that way so think we are going to put it on a shelf with the camera.

We also went to Sheffield Antiques Emporium and it was lovely to walk round and stop for tea and food but we didn’t find anything else. Both places were massive which was good because when we looked up the other antique places they were a bit of a way out from where we were. There was one more for us the check out but it wasn’t suited to us as it was all furniture stacked floor to ceiling. 

We decided instead of carrying on to the other places we would head into the city centre to see the Winter Gardens. It was much smaller than expected but free entry and very pretty. It was beautifully constructed and had some great plants. We also discovered when checking out the gallery that there was a craft fair going on which we decided to explore. It was a lovely little fair and we got a small succulent in a hand crafted pot and really enjoyed visiting another stand with wood crafted things and we particularly liked the lights they did. 


We only had a small explore before heading to my appointment at Aspire. They were a little way out of the centre but had some lovely scenery on the short drive there. 


Had a great time at Aspire too, the ladies were great, so friendly and very helpful whilst also giving you space to have a think and a chat. The shop itself was lovely too, well decorated and presented. There were two wigs in particular I loved and I opted for the shorter one in the end but would like to get the second one at some point as well. Will be making a return trip once the one ordered for me arrives. I actually liked the blonde which is unusual because I don’t normally suit it but the dark brown still looked better. The other was a red colour which I loved and was a bit different but I’d been after a shorter wig so decided this one would be better once I’ve saved a bit and can go back.


We decided to avoid the motorways for part of the journey home and were treated to some beautiful scenery, much more hilly than Coventry!

We’d like to go back at some point and explore more of the city, don’t know if this will be on my next Aspire visit as we’ve only just been but it’s definitely on the list. Made me think it would be fun to do more day trips, so many places to go within reasonable travelling distance and really makes something of the weekend.

Dawn x

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