Brandon Circular

During our mini February heatwave I went for a walk starting in Brandon. We’d pre planned the walk but it just happened to fall on a gorgeous weekend. The friend I was walking with checked I’d be okay doing a longer walk than normal as he’s training for an event in the summer which I was fine with so he plotted the route using the OS Map app (which he is also a fan of) and off we went.

Brandon isn’t too far from either of us so we got there quite early when it was still pretty misty. The route took us through Combe Abbey Country Park which is a beautiful park area. We couldn’t see the house with the mist so thick but the grounds didn’t disappoint. 

We carried on north from there for a short while before turning east to continue the circular. The route was mostly flat farmland crossing into Brinklow (where we had lunch) and then Bretford before heading back to Brandon. We took our own lunch but there are pubs on the route which is good to know. One we’ve eaten at before where I had a lovely Sunday roast. Part of the route also went through a farm and we got to see some really cute baby cows.

The walk took minimal planning and we are fortunate enough we don’t have to go far to be out in the country but we had a great day, the weather helped but it was an enjoyable route too. I was happy for it to be a flat route with it being longer than normal. I’m currently trying to get my fitness levels back up a bit as well as strengthening my iliotibial band so I can do longer walks with steeper terrain as we go through the year.

Kit for this route was my smallest backpack (10L - Karrimor Zodiak), USA Pro sweat wicking top with my trusty North Face fleece and Karrimor trousers that are full length leg but can be zipped to shorts. Didn’t feel like I needed a lot for this trip, all I really needed apart from the basics was my lunch and a just-in-case foldaway jacket. I did decide I need new boots, mine started letting moisture in from the damp grass despite being re-waterproofed not long ago and it’s not the only issue with them. I’ll let you know what I go for, I’ve had some good advice from the Adventure Queens FB group on where to go. 

Dawn x

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