The Comedy Loft, Birmingham

At the weekend we went to The Comedy Loft on Broad Street in Birmingham for my sister-in-law’s 30th. There wasn’t anybody particularly famous on the night we went but we’ve been to other comedy nights like that before and really enjoyed them.

Me and Pete had a bit of an ordeal getting there, we were a little late leaving (completely our own fault) but then had the slowest Uber ever and missed the train by seconds despite running to the platform. The name of the place was a bit confusing too but at least we were forewarned by those ahead of us. Whilst it was named the Comedy Loft, on google maps it comes up as Just the Tonic and then when you get there it has Retro above the door!

Despite the issues getting there we had a great time though. The venue wasn’t anything spectacular but here was plenty of seating, a bar and food if you wanted it. We’d pre-booked our tickets in January but there were also people buying tickets at the door as well.

There was a line up of three comedians (one was stood behind the pillar the entire time, hence there only being two pictures) and a comedian to warm up the crowd and introduce between each act, each had quite a different style of comedy but all were hilarious and we had such a laugh the whole night. 

With the club being on Broad Street there are plenty of places to go out after as well if you wanted but we headed back to play some games.

Dawn x

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