Cleeve Hill Common

Between Christmas and New Year I headed to Cleeve Hill Common in the Cotswolds for what should have been a 6 mile walk that turned into 7 miles inadvertently! The drive there was lovely, Cotswolds is so beautiful and not too far to travel so is easily doable in a day. 

We started at a golf club, there is parking but I can imagine it fills quickly if you go in the warmer months. Following the Cotswolds Way around we had some open greenery, through farmland and a good section through woodland, ending the route through the golf course where there are some spectacular views over rolling hills and local villages.

The weather wasn’t as cold as expected, didn’t need all the layers I’d taken with me - especially on the uphill section which got pretty steep at points. Must admit, didn’t realise how unfit I’d gotten until I was climbing those hills, it gave me a kick up the butt to get more active! 

With the steepness comes the views though so it’s worth putting in the work. We had taken a packed lunch and some tea so stopped at the top to eat and take in the scenery before continuing on round. There is a clubhouse where you can eat or have a few drinks but we didn’t go in so couldn’t say what it’s like.

OS maps has been great again, we were using instructions but they are so open to interpretation we ended up off route. Having the OS maps app got us back on track again so it was only an extra mile detour rather than having to go all the way back to where we came from. I’ve used the app a few times recently and have been very impressed with it. I like to order the paper map so I have it for reference and they come with a reference code to access the map through the app.

The walk was lovely with its different sights and terrains. There was also a very funny incident where my friends dog went chasing after a golf ball, stopping millimetres from the ball when he was told no. He looked like he was thinking about it but fortunately left it, what was hilarious to see could have been a disaster! 

Dawn x

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