Walking in the Malverns

Our annual early Christmas get together with my friends from uni was based in Malvern this year. We decided it would be nice to go away for a change and Malvern came up as an option. It wasn’t too far from anybody and everybody was keen to visit. I’ve wanted to go for a long time and not been despite how close it is.

As well as an exploration of Great Malvern and a meal out at the Nags Head we went for a couple of walks across the Saturday and a Sunday. The first being longer and steeper than the second.

The whole area was beautiful and whilst I’m sure it’s so all year round it was made all the more special by the changing colours of the trees. The disadvantage of course of going late autumn is the weather! Saturday we had a downpour near the beginning of the walk but we stuck to it and whilst it stayed windy the sun did come out. It was odd at times, you could see rain in the distance, blue sky another way and random bits of cloud floating past but it made for a very interesting walk.


We took in Summer Hill, Worcestershire Beacon, Sugarloaf Hill and North Hill on the first day, following an existing route on the OS maps app. We got to walk through woodland out onto the top of the hills to see amazing views (once the cloud had cleared!) and back round through more wooded areas sometimes being able to see the towns and farmland that surround the hills. We took a packed lunch with us and spend a good few hours out on the route. 

The Sunday we went for a shorter walk before heading to a pub for lunch which we used OS maps for but more casually picking pathways as we went depending on what we wanted to see and where we wanted to go. We were on hills more southern than the Saturday. We went past the British Camp Reservoir which was stunning (especially as the sun had come out for us) and then followed round to Hangman’s Hill and Swinyard Hill before circling round past a cave then over Millenium Hill and Herefordshire Beacon. 

There are so many routes on the hills, it was easy to pick out where we wanted to go and there are plenty more areas to explore and I liked that whilst you will always be doing hill walking, there are many different hill sizes and inclines that you can pick what is suitable for you. It’s also the first time using the OS app properly, it was a great addition to the paper map making both route planning and navigating much easier. There were a couple of points where we couldn’t rely on the GPS arrow but for the most part it was brilliant. 

It was great spending time with everybody in such a beautiful place and it is somewhere I will definitely going back to for more adventures. 

Dawn x

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