Ghetto Golf

We were invited to Ghetto Golf in Birmingham for a birthday, an exciting prospect as we enjoy crazy golf anyway and loved indoor golf, Swingers, the year before. It’s a similar concept to Swingers but themed differently. The place is set up so you can do like we did and go in the day when it’s a bit quieter and has a more chilled out round or go late as a night out with a difference. 

It is pretty impressive upon arrival with the course in front of you, a bar to the right and food further round. We had arrived early so started with food and drinks. It’s all ‘street food’ and all enjoyed what we had (I had a burger which was delicious). The bar has a great selection, some interesting cocktails as well as the usual drinks and there was service all the way round the course.

Once our pager told us it was our time we went up for our clubs, balls and scorecard and started, making the birthday boy the first to go each time! I was impressed with the set up, it was very well decorated and each hole was a different theme but fitting into the environment. I’ll put some pictures in this post but I don’t want to give away too much as part the fun was seeing what was coming up. They had been very inventive with the set up, both in terms of the props and the layout of the holes. The penultimate hole was a little confusing but otherwise was a brilliant course.


The venue didn’t disappoint, it was an entertaining and sometimes hilarious day out. It’s somewhere I’d go back to again happily and I came 3rd out of 6 as well so didn’t do too badly!

Dawn x

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