St Austell Brewery Tour

We had a rainy day on holiday so we decided to go on a brewery tour at St Austell’s. We had wanted to go anyway and we had the perfect opportunity with the weather and there were other things in the area for those not doing the tour (who very kindly drove us home so we could drink whilst we were there). 

We booked on as with the weather conditions it was a popular choice and we didn’t want to miss out. It was pretty good value for money, £12 for the tour and two drinks tokens which could be used against pints, a taster session and/or drinks to take away if you were driving. The staff were welcoming as soon as we got there, letting us know were things were. 

We had some time before the tour so we headed to the bar (where you can order food if you wish) for our first pint. I had a Tribute which I’m a fan of anyway but tasted amazing at the source, it had so much more flavour to it. 

We started the tour with some introductions and a talk through what happens in the main brewery. Whilst the main brewery isn’t on the tour there is still plenty too see in the small batch brewery and our tour guide was so knowledgeable with some interesting information. I won’t go into too much detail because I don’t want to ruin it if you do go but it was a good mix of viewing brewing and packaging and details of what goes into making the beer. It was a great set up, very visual and I was impressed with how they were so conscious of their environmental impact with making use of their waste and use of solar panels. 


Once we had been round we were given the opportunity to do a tasting at a private bar which we opted to do. We tried a wide variety of main and small batch beers, some I’d not heard of and were very cleverly done.

The whole time we were well looked after, given a great information about the brewer and the process and we loved the whole overall atmosphere and experience. 

We went to the shop which was great too, there were loads of novelty items, tshirts, glasses and our favourite, small batch beers. I’ve had some since getting home and they have been lovely and it’s funny seeing on untapped how few people have been able to try them, feels quite special. 

Dawn x

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