Sea Kayaking, Coasteering and Surfing

This year I’ve been on two UK holidays, one to Croyde and one to a place near Newquay where we had the opportunity for more adventure activities. 

We did sea kayaking and coasteering through the same company on different days (H2Outdoor) and surfing/bodyboarding we did on both holidays.

Sea kayaking was the first activity which we did from Ilfracombe. The instructors were great fun, got on with the really well. We got kitted up in wetsuit and life jacket before getting our kayaks and onto the water. We started by the harbour for a bit of practice and for the instructors to see skill level of the group. Sea kayaking is very different to river kayaking but it paid off that we’ve done it before. We played a game with a sponge before doing a loop of the harbour and heading out. We kayaked along the coast but it was pretty choppy so we couldn’t go too far but the swells were really fun! When we got back to the harbour we played another game of try standing in the kayak whilst paddling and singing which was hilarious. Pete was able to stand so I encouraged one of the instructors to push him in which the instructor was more than happy to oblige with but Pete still somehow managed to escape! He went in eventually but more through choice.

The coasteering was a sea version of canyoning and was great fun. I wasn’t so much of a wuss with these jumps for some reason. We did scrambling over rocks, jumping into the water, ravines and swimming in tidal pools. It was very tiring but worth it, we had a great time. Again, the instructors were fantastic and really helped make it a great activity. It was an exhilarating activity and some really cool sights.

In Croyde I mostly bodyboarded whilst Pete surfed and I had the odd go on his hired board. The water at Croyde is great, plenty of decent waves and just love catching them. In Newquay we went to Fistral beach. We had been undecided on where to go to surf because we didn’t really know the area that well and weren’t sure with our surf level but we check forecast and wave reports and it was 3-4ft when we went out which was fine for us. It was very different surfing at Fistral because we learnt and had only surfed at Croyde but I enjoyed mixing it up a bit and had great fun. The beach was lovey too and our family who weren’t surfing spent a good bit of time on the beach. My niece and nephew wanted to have a go at surfing so I put the surf board where it was floating about an inch and held her hands whilst my brother in law held onto her brother which they thought was brilliant. I had a go at body boarding whilst we were there too but was much more enjoying the surf.

Pete is getting pretty good at surfing now and I enjoy it even though I fall off a lot so we think we will try and do more UK holiday at surf spots if we can.

Dawn x

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