Eden Project

The Eden project is something I’ve wanted to go to since I was young enough to watch Blue Peter and our recent trip to Cornwall gave us the perfect opportunity to go. After parking and making our way to the main building (which I’ll warn you now is a trek in itself!) we had some lunch in the entrance cafe before heading into the project.

The first area you get to is outdoors with a great view of the two biomes. You can take various routes through the outdoor area with a great variety of plants to see, I was particularly interested in the hops (especially after the recent trip to St. Austell) and the vegetables, having a plot of my own (which I will blog about soon). There was an interesting metal statue that you could make move by pulling rope which we actually had more benefit of seeing when somebody else pulled the rope when we were across the other side of the project. There was also a very impressive bee (pictured).


The biomes were split by Mediterranean and Tropical and both were so interesting in their own ways. The med dome made me feel like I was back in Greece with not only Mediterranean plants but a whole vibe and layout built to transport you to another place. We had a good walk round before moving to the tropical biome. Again, there were many different and interesting plants in the tropical biome and they had it set up with wooden buildings and waterfalls to encompass the whole theme. There was a big skywalk in the tropical biome which we were really looking forward to so were disappointed that we couldn’t go up onto, there are limited opening times and long queues. We had just missed a slot but weren’t able to wait as long as it would have taken for it to reopen. Looked like it would be pretty amazing. 


I was surprised to learn that there wasn’t a huge amount to do for small kids. They had a children’s centre but it was aimed at older kids. We had a 1 and a 3 year old and they had a couple of very small soft play areas but otherwise it was a bit of a challenge to keep them occupied. At one point my niece wanted an ice cream (because she’d seen the stand before we went into the Mediterranean biome) so I kept her occupied whilst we were having a good look round by doing an ‘ice cream hunt’ (sung along to we’re going on a bear hunt...) and asking the various plants and trees if they knew where the ice cream place had gone! 


Before you leave you get the opportunity to go round their own shop which is expensive but interesting. It’s all environmentally friendly products, a lot of lovely things I could have gone crazy buying if I had an unlimited budget! 

We had a good time there, we enjoyed ourselves and were there for a good few hours. It’s an expensive day, entry isn’t cheap and neither is food (or the shop as already mentioned). I didn’t mind paying the entry because of it going towards the conservation and many worthy community projects but it’s something to be aware of. The pass lasts a year so if we get to go back within 12 months I’d happy go back again to make use of the pass.


Dawn x

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