Canyoning, Brecan Beacons

In July me and Pete headed to the Brecon Beacons to try out Canyoning. For those that haven’t heard of Canyoning it is an adventure activity that I’ve known being described as white water rafting without the raft. The package (through Call of the Wild/Adventure Britain) included a one night b&b stay which we chose for the Friday night rather than after the activity just because the timings worked out better with travel for us. We stayed at the Ynyscedwyn which was a lovely b&b with great food. The room was very warm and there were a lack of mirrors but otherwise it was a great stay. 

We were picked up in the morning after breakfast and taken to the meeting point for the start of the activity, meeting our instructors for the day who were great, really funny and made you at ease. Once we had wetsuits and life jackets on we headed to the water where we literally jumped straight into the activity. We had to jump into the water which was extremely cold despite the hot day! You do get used to it but it takes your breath away to start. After a bit of a swim there is a ‘practice’ drop where you are dropped backwards into the water to get you used to the jumps and gives a chance for safety instructions. 

We continued up the river which was spectacularly beautiful. We had chance to walk and swim up the river, a bit of scrambling and rock climbing as well as sitting in a waterfall. The river was actually not anywhere near as full on as normal when we went because of having such a dry summer but we were still entertained and had plenty of fun on the natural playground! 

The main attraction of the day was jumping off of waterfalls, of which I turned out to be a complete wuss! The smaller ones were fine but any that were higher and where you couldn’t drop, you have to jump out I really struggled with. It surprised me as I don’t have a fear of heights or water, it seemed to be survival instincts going “your not jumping off that...” which in most cases is perfectly normal but I knew it was safe so I don’t know why I struggled to leap. Despite not doing a couple of the waterfalls I had a great time and Pete jumped them all. There was one at the end that was a particular rush (which I didn’t even attempt) that was high and you had to take a running jump off.

After we’d done the route we changed and were provided with lunch before heading back to accommodation and home. It was definitely an experience worth doing.


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