Gin Tasting in the Costswolds


I’ve been to the Cotswolds many times as it is a beautiful area of the country and whilst it’s not in the Midlands it’s not far to travel to, however with all my visits I never knew there was a gin distillery, let alone one that does does tours. I was invited for a birthday outing to which I was very excited to go. I checked out the website for The Cotswolds Distillery and it looked great, and what was even better is it looked great value for money. 

It was £10 for the tour which is approximately 1 1/2 hours including a taster session at the end which seems pretty decent to me. You need to book in advance because they do get fully booked (we learnt the hard way and had to send a grovelling email to which they were very accommodating - we couldn’t all get in but myself and the birthday girl got on the tour whilst the guys went to the local pub to meet us after for food). 

As expected, the location was beautiful, I loved every detail of the landscape, buildings and decor which all tied in together well.

The tour starts with a introduction about the distillery (on which I learnt about making gin and that they are primarily a whisky distillery but the whisky is too young at the moment so they have made a name for themselves locally with gin in the mean time). I won’t give too much away about what was said because I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anybody wanting to go on the tour but it was interesting.

After the introduction we moved onto the distillery itself. We got to see the equipment that the gin is made in as well as the equipment used to make the whisky. It is a working distillery so you have to be careful about where you stand but they are very good about guiding you and we did get to go around the distillery and have a good look and smell of what was there. It was fascinating and the leader was very knowledgable and friendly, happy to answer any questions. 

Once we’d been to the distillery we moved onto where the whisky is stored. I’m not much of a whisky drinker myself but it was still great to see, loved all the barrels and there was so much I didn’t know that goes into storage and development of whisky. We got to have a sneaky sample in there too before making our way back to the main building for the tasting session.

We were taken to a very comfortable room, and offered the main line of Cotswolds gin with tonic and a choice of flavourings that were being developed at the distillery. Once we’d had that there was plenty more on offer to try (which we did!) and it was great to see what a range they have, they aren’t afraid to experiment and try new combinations. They had an option to take away samples for designated drivers which I thought was a great thing to do so nobody missed out.

The tour is something I would very much like to do again and would recommend to others who enjoy a gin (or whisky). We had a great day out.

Dawn x

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