Crafting Live

A friend of mine snap chatted me an article in a magazine for Crafting Live, which was soon to be at Stoneleigh Park. I’d not heard of Crafting Live 
before but looking online it seemed like the sort of thing we would love and it was good value entry, it was £4 full price or £3 with the discount code from the magazine so I decided to give it a try.

It was easy to find and the location was a good size for the exhibition, there was a decent amount of stalls but not so many you couldn’t get round it without feeling knackered. When we first arrived we thought it looked like it was a lot of paper craft but once we got walking around we saw there were plenty of different things to look at. It was actually really interesting looking at the different crafts because generally I stick to crochet but the other crafts were fascinating. We got ourselves booked onto a couple of the free workshops to give some different crafts a go.



We had a good look around the stalls and fairly early on found a stand that made things out of glass which was so interesting. They had Christmas decorations, bunting and things for the house that were very cleverly made from glass objects. They also had a paid workshop which we decided to join in with. We made some Christmas decorations and it was great, so different to my normal crafting. 


The workshops were fun, the english paper piecing in particular was great and something I’ll do at home. There was some confusion with the booking of our second workshop but we were able to do another one which was paper crafting where we made some Christmas cards. That one wasn’t for me but it was still fun learn. 



Crafting Live tip: take lunch with you. There is food available but the queues are very long.

The exhibition was good fun and it’s something I would go back to, they travel around the country so I’d recommend having a look if they are near you and you enjoying crafts. 

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