Team BRIT, Silverstone

Recently I went to Silverstone to support Team BRIT in the Birkett Relay race. The team name stands for British Racing Injured Troops, they are a competitive racing team comprised of injured military troops (although have recently started taking on disabled civilians) competing in endurance races with the aim to “inspire people with disabilities, PTSD and mental health issues”. This year they have been competing in the Fun Cup, next year GT4 with the aim to race Le Man.

We have been trying to get to a Fun Cup race all year without success so I was thrilled to learn they would be taking part in the Birkett Relay so we made sure to keep the day clear so we could go and support them. It was also a brilliant opportunity to explore areas of Silverstone that are quite often not open to attendees.

It was a good value day out, tickets were £12 on the gate (£10 if you book in advance) and the only other cost was food which was quite reasonably priced for this kind of event but it is possible to take your own food too. Merchandise was also available to purchase.

As soon as we got into Silverstone we were excited, we got to drive right over to race track to get to the parking area and the vibe of the place is amazing. As soon as you smell the particular racing track smell and hear the sounds of the cars it gets you hyped up and we didn’t have far to walk then to get to the race track. We walked along the garages and located where Team Brit were before going to copse corner to watch some of the race. It was a brilliant viewing point, you have the straight along the pit and then into a corner that many were squealing to get round! It was great to be cheering on Team BRIT but we also loved the variety of cars that were in the race, they were all so different. One thing that struck me was that I was always reading that the motorsport equalised the playing field as they were competing against all able bodied drivers and it really was amazing to see them competing at the same level. If you didn’t know the team you would never have known there was anything different about them.

After watching for a little while we stopped for a break to get food and to meet up with some others from work who had also come along to support. There we’re couple of refreshment places, one an indoor cafe and one an outdoor stand providing a variety of foods and drink. After the short break we went back out to watch more of the race before returning the the Team BRIT garage. 


It was amazing to see behind the scenes, we were able to get up close to the cars, see what happens on the screens and we were able to cross to the pit wall to watch from there which was incredible. It really was inspirational watching the whole team working together. It wasn’t until I saw the racing that I really appreciated exactly how much endurance it really is, apart from the physical demands the racing was so intense you wouldn’t be able to drop your concentration for a second and when these races are lasting for hours you can see how they are tough. 


We found out later on that BBC Top Gear were there competing and they interviewed Team BRIT so that will be worth a watch when it is aired. 

Silverstone tip: Wrap up warm! Even if it isn’t that much of a cold day it gets very windy and we were numb with cold as some points despite dressing for the cold. 

We all loved our day, even those that weren’t into motor racing had a great time which said a lot. We will all be continuing to support Team BRIT throughout their journey and hope to see them in many more races.

For more information on the team visit

Dawn x

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