Trampolining - Jump In, Leamington

For Pete’s birthday we did a couple of activities, the first of which was going to a trampolining park which neither of us had been to before but wanted to give a go. We had been recommended a couple of places and chose Jump In because it was close to the place we were doing the second activity. 

We had a day off in the week to go whilst schools were in so it was really quiet when we went (I’ve been advised it can get very busy at weekends and school holidays) which was great because we pretty much had free reign of the place. It was an impressive size, as well as the many trampolines that were all packed in next to each other that you could jump between there were activities around too such as basketball hoops over a couple of trampolines, rope climbs, platforms, a gladiator beam, a giant air bag and a dodgeball area. 

I was useless at the dodgeball and getting onto the platforms but still had a great time giving it a go. I enjoyed being able to jump around everywhere and the basketball was great. 

Trampolining tip: We were planning on going for a 2 hour session but opted for one in the end and we were glad we did. I’d recommend (especially if you haven’t been before) that an hour is sufficient. I knew that it would be an active day but I hadn’t realised quite how aerobic it would be! We could see why they were running exercise classes! 

We would definitely go trampolining again, it was tiring but great fun. Not something we would do all the time but great for something a bit different on occasion.

Dawn x

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