We went with family to take our niece to Legoland earlier this year, something I’ve been looking forward to her being old enough to go to as I loved Legoland as a kid. We picked a date that most of us were free which was at a weekend so we were prepared for it to be busy but it ended up not too bad. It was busy but not excessively so. It probably had something to do with it being a rainy day which was unfortunate because we had taken a picnic which we ended up eating in the cars! 

When you first get into the park you are treated to spectacular views across Windsor, including the castle so we enjoyed stopping off for a moment to take it in before moving onto the rides. The map was handily marked with a colour coding system so we could easily see what rides our niece could go on, which wasn’t a huge amount but was enough to keep her entertained. Whilst she was going on the smaller rides some of us split off to go on the dragon rollercoaster which I remembered being good fun. It was our longest queue of the day but there were Lego models around to keep us entertained. 

The dragon rollercoaster was smaller than I remembered but we still enjoyed it, especially the first section where you go though the Lego built castle scenes. We next moved onto the model village which was very impressive, we loved walking around, it was very cleverly put together. Our niece wasn’t impressed she couldn’t play though so a couple of us took her on another ride and the play area. 

A disappointment of the day was that the train wasn’t working. I’d been looking forward to the train anyway but it also meant a walk up a very long, steep hill carrying a toddler. It meant we got to see all the Lego scenes again which was a positive but it was rather tiring!

At the top we regrouped and a couple of us went into a section that hadn’t been around when I last went from what I recall; it was a Star Wars Lego building with a walk through of Lego built Star Wars scenes followed by a shop with a wide variety of merchandise. 


Legoland tip: There are often many promotions going on that give 2 for 1 vouchers, if you go, it is worth collecting some as entry prices are very expensive.

Despite the weather we all had a great day, it’s not a place for people after white knuckle rides but it is impressively put together and we will happily go back, maybe once our niece is a bit older and can make more of the day.

Dawn x

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