Kayaking - Leamington Spa

The second activity we did for Pete’s birthday was kayaking. It’s something we love doing when we go on holiday but hadn’t thought about doing close to home. We enquired and found we didn’t need to pre-book and the best boat centre for us was at Leamington Spa. On the day it was raining quite a lot so we were undecided if we were going to go but decided in the end we were going to get wet anyway and it wasn’t overly cold. 

As it was a week day and raining we were the only people crazy enough to be going out in the boats but it turned out to be a brilliant activity. It is a beautiful stretch of river, you have Leamington as the backdrop when you leave and return, the river is lined with a multitude of trees, including overhanging willows and with it being so quiet we saw a fair amount of wildlife.

We took a fairly casual pace and it was quite easy going on the river, it was very tranquil and at the same time really interesting because it felt like we were doing something really different to normal. We hired the kayaks for an hour which is a good amount of time, it allows you to get to a part of the river you can’t continue on and feels like you have been out for a decent amount of time without becoming too much.

Kayaking tip: Take a spare set of clothes with you. They can be kept in a cupboard at the centre and even if the weather is dry you end up getting wet so it’s nice to have something to change into. 

We thoroughly enjoyed the kayaking (and as I’m so behind on blogging about it have been twice more since!). We’ve only been to Leamington Spa but would like to try other places too for the change of secenery as we have been a few times now. It’s good value for money too, £10 to hire for an hour, it is a good quality kayak and a fun morning or afternoon out. The only thing I would say to take note of is that the only parking is on road parking, we’ve managed to get parked each time but with it being so close to the town centre it gets busy. We’ve been on the weekend too and it being busier on the river didn’t take away from the fun. Pete also wants to try the paddle boarding that is available from the centre.

Dawn x

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