Godiva Festival

Every year Coventry hold a free festival at the War Memoral Park. It's not normally something I go to, I have been in the past but whilst I think it's a great thing for the city to hold a free festival, it isn't music I'm interested in and I get irritated with the overcrowding. This year though, I was invited for somebody's birthday and I ended up having a great time and returning the next day!

There was a good variety there with merchandise stalls, food stalls, several music stages, rides and a family area. 

On the Saturday we went for food and to watch some of the bands. There was plenty of choice for food and there were also bars dotted around but they were quite expensive. We didn't mind getting food though as we hadn't had to pay anything for entry. We also ended up going on some of the rides which were great fun and again, quite a lot of options with there being gentle rides to more extreme rides. The headliner for the evening was Example but we ended up in one of the side tents listening to the lead singer of The Enemy do an acoustic set which was brilliant. Hadn't planned on staying to the end but the set was amazing so watched the whole thing.

On the Sunday I took my niece to the family section, there were a variety of rides and activities to suit different age groups including zorbing balls, cycling, inflatables and traditional fair ground rides. She loved it and even though it was busy it didn't feel overcrowded and there wasn't much of a wait for the activities. 

Once my niece was back with her parents I went with some friends to watch The Darkness who were also brilliant. They were great performers putting some humour into the set as well as the songs. The atmosphere was fantastic with the whole crowd enjoying the band.

Godiva Festival tip: If you can avoid driving it is worth it. Parking was available but was chaotic, even if you can get a space it then takes hours to get out of the car park at the end. 

The weather helped a lot, we had a beautiful sunny weekend so it worked out so well and it's made me think I'd like to go back on other years. My only irritation of the weekend was that with so many people in the public space it was jamming the networks so mobile phone useage was impossible, not helpful when you are trying to meet up with people in a large field! 

Dawn x

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