Escape Live - Coventry

Escape rooms is something I had written about before but I wanted to write a short post about Escape Live because it was quite a different experience to last time. Both times were great fun but in different ways, this escape rooms was set out very differently and more creative in the ways you had to solve the puzzles. 

There are a couple of choices at the Coventry escape rooms and we went for the casino heist where we were working for a notorious criminal by robbing a casino. We had a 60 minute window to work out the clues and escape with as much money as possible. 

I don’t want to give away too much detail because it is part of the fun so I’m not going to say much more than it wasn’t a linear set of clues that led from one to another by trying loads of different padlocks, it was many separate clues leading to an end goal which threw us at first but we loved it.

Escape Live tip: it is based right next door to Fargo village so we enjoyed stopping there for a while for a few drinks after and if we went again we would probably have food there too.

I’d highly recommend going to Escape Live, it’s something I would do again. They have a few different locations with different escape experiences so they would be good to try too. We did pretty well with the casino, we made it out with most of the cash which we were told doesn’t happen that often.

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