Earlswood Lakes

Another walk I've been on recently and not been to before was at Earlswood Lakes. It is more of a casual walk than Market Bosworth in terms of there isn't a set public pathway, it's an area with lakes and reservoirs that people can fish in with tracks around it and a Wildlife Trust woodland area with multiple pathways so we weren't following a map, just randomly selecting pathways.


First impressions of the area was that it was very pretty, I love being by water so it was lovely to go somewhere not too far away where we could walk along the waters edge. My friends dog also loved the water, he was straight in for a swim! I'd recommend it as a place to go if you have dogs that enjoy swimming as there were plenty of places he could go in and out easily. 

Once we went alongside a couple of reservoirs we went into the Wildlife Trusts woodland area which was also very picturesque. There were several routes you could take, all well maintained. We chose to sit in the woodlands to have our lunch, some fallen trees giving us a handy seat. There were benches dotted around the water but it was more sheltered in the woods and was a half way point for us. 

Earlswood Lakes tip: watch where you are going when you are in the woods, there aren't regular maps and with all the trails it is very easy to get lost!

The area is a decent size but not for those that want to do a long walk, it was great for a stroll around and was beautiful so it is somewhere I would go back to when I want a more easy going walk.


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