Stratford Butterfly Farm

Somewhere I have been before but not in a long time is Stratford Butterfly farm so I went with a friend, her baby and my young niece just after my birthday. Stratford-Upon-Avon is not to long a drive for us but we decided to have a walk around and a picnic as well as the farm whilst we were there. 

The weather around my birthday was glorious, we were having a heatwave and I love hot, sunny weather so after a bit of a wander we stopped at a place I'd been recommended for ice cream called Hoorays and we weren't disappointed. There was an amazing range of flavours and decent portion sizes with friendly service and a lovely little play area.


After ice cream we moved onto the main reason for going to Stratford - the butterfly farm. The farm is essentially a giant greenhouse decorated with beautiful plants and water features and of course, thousands of butteryflies of many varieties. The moment you enter they are flying all around you as well as sitting on the plants. They are so fascinating to watch so it isn't just a fun place for children but interesting for adults too. 

There are also other sections relating to the growth of butterflies and other interesting creatures such as worker ants carrying leaves across ropes above your head and stick insects as a couple of examples.

The only thing we struggled with was that the farm is a hot place as it is, add a heat wave to it and it was swealtering! There were some very lovely staff on hand outside though to mist us with the hose and shaded spots to sit.

Butterfly farm tip - be prepared that the farm is warm no matter what time of year you go. Even if it's winter, wear layers you can remove. They keep the area at tropical levels for the butterflies.

I thought the farm was a reasonable price, £7.25 entry fee for adults and both the children with us were young enough to get in free and you can go in and out as many times as you like.

Once we were finished at the farm we found a lovely field by the river shaded by trees to have our picnic which was very enjoyable, I love a good picnic anyway but the setting was perfect and was a wonderful finish for the day. 

Dawn x

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