Market Bosworth Circular Walk

Me and Pete went with a couple of friends on a country walk near Market Bosworth. We selected a date in advance but were very lucky with the weather, it was perfect; sunny and warm with a bit of a breeze. 

The walk started in Market Bosworth and is a 6 mile circular route through some beautiful and interesting areas. There was only one inclined area, for the most part the route was very gentle. 

From Market Bosworth we went down a track and then through some farmers fields. Love the fields this time of year because I find the crops really interesting. Our friends dog was a little scared of how high the crops were in one field but was okay for the most part. 

We came up to Bosworth Battlefield which we didn't spend a long time exploring but we enjoyed seeing. From there we carried on through some fields and unexpectedly (which it shouldn't have been as it was on the map!) a steam train. The train was in the station so we got to stop and have a look, we got a pretty good view because the route included a crossing over the track. I thought it was fascinating because it's not something you get to see every day.

Continuing on the route we then came to a canal which we walked along as part of the route. There were benches along the stretch and was around the half way mark so was a good point to stop for lunch. It was so picturesque and loved that there were so many ducklings around. 


The remainder of the route was through fields and back through Market Bosworth. I have to say it has to be one of my favourite walks, it was so diverse in what we saw and was a lovely Sunday stroll.

Market Bosworth Walk tip - give yourself time to stop at certain points along the route, there are quite a few interesting areas that are worth taking in.

At the end of the route there were several places we could stop to relax and have a drink. We decided on The Black Horse, it was close to the car park, was pretty and had a large beer garden area which was perfect for relaxing in after the walk.

Dawn x

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