Coventry Food Festival

Something we decided to go to about a week before it was happening was the Coventry Food Festival. We didn't plan much other than we were going to go and eat food! On the day we ended up favouring going in the evening, the Facebook group we found the festival through said it was going on all weekend until late.

When we got there it was pretty quiet, turned out most people had been in the day and as such a few of the stalls were already closing. There were also things happening in the day but not the evening which we hadn't realised such a chef demonstrations. 

There was still enough open for us to have a good wander around sample a variety of foods. There was a South African Braii I would have liked to have food from but was closing but I did have Caribbean chicken, a taste of Pete's burger, Churros and I had to have a Twisted Barrell beer, love the brewery but don't get the opportunity all that often to drink their beer when I'm out. There were other options too but the portion sizes were good so didn't need anything else. In a way I would have preferred to pay less, have smaller portions and try more variations but I did thoroughly enjoy what I had so not going to complain. 

A couple of observations we made about the festival was that it could have been laid out better and advertised more. The layout didn't encourage much of a flow, it was quite disjointed so we had to walk round a few times to make sure we had seen everything. We had also only seen advertisement for it on Facebook, there could have been more but we hadn't seen it. If it had been properly advertised it may have been busier and therefore more open with more atmosphere. We did like though that Coventry does seem to be trying to improve and events like this do help, they just need to make some changes if they do one again.

We had gone as a small group and enjoyed our time there, we were full when we finished and were close enough to go and enjoy a few 2for1 cocktails at Las Iguanas sat outside so we did have fun and I would go again.

Food festival tip - have a good look around at what is there and see what you fancy so you don't fill up on something and then see something else you might prefer. In hindsight, I think what I would have done (although I'm not sure Pete would have agreed to it!) is to share what we got so we could have more variety.


If Coventry hold another food festival I would go, I would be interested to see if they make any changes,  and I'd be tempted to go in the day instead of evening to get the full range of options.

Dawn x

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