Thorpe Park

I am a massive lover of theme parks and one I'd never tried is Thorpe Park. A friend who has been was saying how much fun it is and she managed to get a voucher so we decide to book a day off in the week when it would be quieter and take the trip there.

We went via car and it seemed like a simple enough place to get to (but I wasn't driving so could only judge as a passenger), but I did get irritated at the usual for theme parks - that they charge for parking when you pay a small fortune to get into the park! We were also somewhat shocked when it came to getting our tickets, the online price is drastically cheaper than the on the day price so even with the voucher (that you weren't allowed to use online) we had underestimated how much the day would cost. 

Once we got into the park we found a lot of the rides were closed or not opening until a lot later in the day, considering there were plenty of people there, it was a lovely day weather wise, and we weren't there dead on opening we were quite disappointed and were starting to think the day was going to be a complete waste which made having to pay more to get in even worse.

We managed to find a couple of smaller rides that were open which we started the day on and fortunately most of the rides we wanted to go on opened up (we didn't get on everything we'd wanted to go on but we did get on a decent amount of rides in the end). We were a little disjointed at the order we went on rides because of the opening times but what I loved about the park was how close together everything was. You don't have to treck as much as you do at other parks which meant we had more time for rides where we would be walking.

My favourite ride of the day was Swarm, it was based on a swarm of aliens invading and the whole area was set up as a disaster zone which was great to walk through as well as go through on the ride. If you ignore the alien swarm (which is the rollercoaster carriage itself) if felt a little like being in the game Fallout 3 (which I also love). There were a lot of other rides I enjoyed too including Stealth which went from 0-80 in under 2 seconds and was set up like being on Route 66, Saw (which we just managed to get on) which is based on the film and was pretty creepy, Nemisis Inferno and a few of the water rides. 

We were there on a hot enough day that we went on a few of the wet rides which I thought they had a really good range of and actually one of my favourites was quite basic (Depth Charge) but great fun and the wave on Tidal Wave was pretty impressive, worth watching even if you don't go on the ride.

Thorpe Park Tip - normally I would advise taking lunch to theme parks but we actually opted to get our lunch at the park this time and we found it worth doing. There was so much choice with places and we didn't have to wait, we ate at an all you can eat pizza and pasta buffet so just helped ourselves to what we wanted so didn't waste time queuing and we had plenty. We still took drinks to carry round but was nice not having to carry the food.

Despite the rocky start we really enjoyed our day, I especially enjoyed going on rides I've not been on before but would happily go back again even though I've been on them now.

Dawn x

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