Oriental Palace

A place I have seen many times but not been to before is Oriental Palace in Coventry. I was invited for a birthday and was excited at the opportunity to give it a try. I rather foolishly forgot to take photos so I'm afraid this post will just be my ramblings but there are photos online if you google the venue should you want to take a look. 

Me and Pete were early to the restaurant but they were still very welcoming and our table was ready which they were happy for us to sit at whilst we waited for the rest of the party. There was a bar area so had our table not been ready we could have sat there for a bit. We had a reservation so I can't tell you what they are like for walk ins if you fancied it last minute but I got the impression they would do what they could for you.

The place is an all you can eat but not buffet style like Cosmo and Wing Wah, you order the food as dishes but all under one set price and you can have as many courses as you like. We found the drinks were a little pricey but didn't mind so much because of the food being such good value. I infinitely preferred the style of serving here as the food was so much fresher and tasted much better because of being prepared for us rather than the masses being catered for. 

The general atmosphere was very friendly and you felt comfortable to spend as much time as you wanted at the table, you weren't rushed to finish courses or the evening which I have know at other all you can eats. There was almost always somebody around to ask for food and drink without them being imposing. 

We had quite a few rounds of food and I liked that it was a very social way of eating. You can order for yourself but we decided to order a variety of selections for the table and I really enjoyed that we could try a big variety of different foods and having the shared experience got everybody in the group involved. 

Oriental Palace tip: keep an open mind and give things a go. I tried things I wasn't sure I would like but it was the perfect opportunity to give it a go and found I liked the things I wouldn't have normally ordered.

We all had a really fun evening and would go back again, we really enjoyed the social element as well as the food tasted really good.


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