Go Ape - Cannock Chase

As it was a big birthday this year I managed to spread out the celebrations well over a week! Some I won't write about because I'm sure BBQ's won't be new on anybody and some places such as Ego I've written about before but I will write about some of this things I got up to, the first one being Go Ape which we did on my birthday.

The best way I can describe Go Ape is like a giant play area for adults! It's up in the trees and with an obstacle course that you go along whilst harnessed to safety cables.

We have been to Go Ape before but it was Nottingham and this time we went to Cannock Chase (which we found out when we got there is a bigger site) and it was a long time when we last went so we were really looking forward to it. We booked in advance so we were well informed on when and where to go and what was best to take and wear.

The day actually turned out perfect weather wise, it was warm and sunny with a little cloud cover and a slight breeze. The site says you can do the course when it is raining but I can't comment on what that would be like. The course is generally under natural canopy from the trees so we didn't need to worry about getting burnt. 

We ended up being early and as it wasn't busy they let us go onto the course early which we thought was good of them so we weren't hanging around for ages (it is a pretty area so we had thought about going for a walk first but preferred to just go on the course). All the staff were happy, friendly and helpful. 

Before you go up into the trees you are given a safety brief, first on your harness, then on a small practice obstacle which I thought they did very well. It didn't take forever but it meant we were confident that we were safe when we went up. 

The course itself is made up of so many different activities and obstacles, the site we were on had different sections, all starting with a rope ladder, several crossings and then rope swings and zip lines. You have a choice on which way to go when you are up in the trees marked with a difficulty level. We opted for the more challenging routes because we really enjoy these kind of activities and have done them before so get more from the difficult routes but the simpler routes still offer plenty of choice and variety.

We enjoyed the variety that was on offer and they had some pretty sizeable zip lines and Ape swings which were brilliant fun. Because we were the only ones on the advanced course we got to the final stage before everybody else so the staff allowed us to go round the last part again which was a bonus!

Go Ape tip: make sure you follow the guidance on what to wear, somebody in our group had to be given second hand clothes to wear because she was wearing a crop top. I found that taking gloves was worth it too, I had my fingerless cycling gloves (that haven't been used for cycling in a while!) which worked out perfectly. Take the course in your own time and enjoy.

I thought Go Ape was good value for money (£30) but I only had to pay for myself, I can imagine it will be quite costly going as a family but it isn't something you get to do all the time so I'd recommend for a special occasion. I'd love to go again at some point, whether it be at Cannock Chase or another site we've not tried. We went as the two of us but I can imagine it being fun as a group activity too.

Dawn x

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