Birmingham Botanical Gardens

I went to Birmingham Botanical gardens as part of a photo shoot for Hipheadwear. I had not heard of it before and in fact had not been to Botanical gardens in the UK before so was quite excited to see it. It was perfect for the photo shoot as it was light, warm and had beautiful colours and I decided after the shoot that I'd like to have a look around and explore as well.

We had lunch in the cafe before I went on my walk round and there was a lovely selection, I had the soup with a roll and it was really well made as well as presented so I would recommend having lunch if you go. I drove to the Botanical gardens following the sat nav and didn't have any issues getting there, it seemed fairly close to the city centre so I'd imagine it is accessible even if you don't drive.

Going through to the first greenhouse is pretty impressive, it is a tropical greenhouse so the heat hits you as soon as you though (which is a feeling I love, like getting off an aeroplane when you go abroad) and the plants were spectacular. A dominant feature of the room was a large pond with plants and fish which I enjoyed having a full walk round of. There were benches dotted around too so you could sit and take it all in if you wanted. 

The next greenhouse was still tropical but not as extreme on the heat, it still housed some pretty impressive plants, interesting because they are very different to what you would see in the garden or round the countryside and some were huge! The variety of coloured plants was also added to the experience.

The final greenhouse was again very interesting as it housed a wide variety of cacti. They formed all kinds of different sizes and shapes which as what it made it so interesting to walk through. Once you finish in this greenhouse you are lead outside which I was pleasantly surprised was so large.


There were many different ways round the garden which is good if you visit on more than one occasion and made for a beautiful walk. There were many interesting and pretty plants, an aviary as well as free roaming peacocks, a pond and waterfall area, outdoor greenhouse, project areas and for those with little ones, a large play area suitable for different age ranges.

Botanical Gardens tip: give yourself plenty of time to walk around and explore, especially if it is your first visit and need to orientate yourself. 

I enjoyed a slow walk around and had a sit near the waterfall to absorb what was there. It was very calm and peaceful, you would never guess you were so close to a large city centre. It's one I am very glad I've been introduced to and will be going back to.

Dawn x

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