London; Day 1 - Swingers (Crazy Golf)


In the afternoon of our London trip we went to a place called Swingers to play mini golf. It was an indoor course that had been decorated beautifully and had bars and serving staff around the course. It's a hipster place (and I am definitely not hipster!) but I didn't feel like I didn't belong there, we all had a great time. There was a bring the outdoors in with a lot of wood, plants, outdoor style lighting and astro turf around but it means you aren't dictated by the weather and it was pristine, it even had a lovely smell! 


There was a wonderful vibe to the place, to me it was a happy place that everybody there was there just to enjoy themselves regardless of skill level. There was a leader board if you were feeling competitive but we were happy with our own score card competing against each other. 


The course was well laid out, there was an option of two courses, we were on the lighthouse side but as far as we could tell the only difference between the two was a different layout and obstacles rather than one being more difficult than the other. The obstacles were well build and made the courses really interesting, not just to look at but to play as well because they were difficult enough to be a challenge but not so difficult that you couldn't get anywhere on the course. 

Everybody in there were so friendly, the staff were lovely and happy to talk and answer questions and the other players as well were chatty and supportive too which only added to the happy atmosphere of the place.


Swingers Tip: If you want to go (and I would advise you do if you are in or around London) it is worth booking well in advance or like us, be prepared to queue. It's very popular so booking has to be done early or the queuing system is first come first serve. They are happy to let you go get a drink from the bar to have whilst to wait which we liked but there isn't anywhere to sit until you get your start time.

I am normally useless at mini golf but I actually did well, I don't know if it was that we were indoors, the drinks or just pure fluke that I actually won! I would have enjoyed it even if I hadn't won it but because I'm normally last in these things it was a nice little bonus for me.

I thoroughly enjoyed Swingers and if I get the opportunity I will go back, would be good to give the Windmill side a go. 

Dawn x


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