London; Day 1 - Honest Burger & The Breakfast Club

We ate out for lunch and dinner on our first day in London, at Honest Burgers on Portobello Road at lunch and then later on we went to The Breakfast Club for dinner. 

Honest Burgers:


We were spoilt for choice on places to eat on Portobello Road but we fancied a burger and Honest Burgers was one of the places we had been recommended. The smell of the Burgers when you enter is incredible, it was a fairly small place but could seat enough that we were straight in. 

As well as a variety of burger types there was also a good selection of beers and ciders. I went for the Honest burger and Big Wave beer. Apologies here because I got a picture of the beer but not the food which I didn't think about until after I had eaten! I can tell you though that it was an amazing burger, presented well and tasted as amazing as it smelt. The chips were good as well which I enjoyed because I'm not normally much of a chip eater but the chips there were lovely. 


It was a comfortable place, I enjoyed that it was quite casual whilst still serving amazing food and drinks you don't commonly see in other places. They had a blackboard with pictures from the Beavertown beer cans which I liked because the artwork on the cans is really interesting and it added a little something to the place.

We actually had an ice cream after at Morelli's Gelato after which was also worth while going to but we only popped in there so can't write out a blog post on the place. They did have delicious ice cream though in some amazing flavours that I'm told are regularly changed.

The Breakfast Club


We decided after a fun afternoon playing crazy golf that we wanted to go to The Breakfast Club for dinner, which as you can probably tell from the name serve breakfast for lunch and dinner. It was quite different which I liked and had a good variety of food. I opted for pancakes with maple syrup and bacon (you can get much bigger meals but I wanted something smaller - it was a good portion size even for one of the smaller meals). 


The staff were very welcoming and friendly and I liked the decor of the place, even the restaurant logos which had foreign currency pinned all around it. If you get the chance to go, as to go through the fridge, I won't say too much because I don't want to ruin anything but it is quite cool.


Eating Out tip: there are so many places you can go out to eat, these are just two of many places you can go and enjoy eating out. We went to places based on recommendations because we don't know the City well enough to know the best places to go and we weren't disappointed. 

Dawn x

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