Stock Pot Cafe at Ryton Organic Gardens


Easter Monday, me and Pete went to The Stock Pot Cafe for lunch. We left a little earlier than we were having lunch so we could also have a look around the organic gardens too. We were expecting to pay to get into the gardens but there was a sign up saying it is free entry on weekends which worked out for us because the tours and shop weren't open but we had only gone for a walk around. It was our first time going to Stock Pot so we weren't sure if you could get to the cafe without entry to the gardens but learned there are two entrances so whilst we enjoyed the gardens, if we want to go again just for food we know we can go directly there.

We went for our walk working from the cafe using a circular route so we could get to see most of the gardens whilst ending back where we wanted. The gardens were pretty and interesting, especially seeing the kitchen gardens and the schemes they run, saw a couple of useful tips for my garden vegetable patch too.

(Arch made from Apple Trees and a watering can bird feeder above and allotments below)

The cafe itself blends in so well with the organic gardens, the decor blends beautifully with detail from quirky different tea pot covers to the large windows, the blackboard menus and the plant pots used for the cutlery. The food changes pretty much on a daily basis dependant on what they have in fresh but there is plenty of choice available. 


Whilst sandwiches and salads were avaliable we opted to have main meals, Pete having a burger and me the duck (and we tried a bit of each others). The food was amazing, so fresh and cooked amazingly well and the service along with it was fantastic. We had very different styles of meals but both tasted equally great in different ways. We hadn't planned on having dessert but couldn't resist in the end and had some cake which was equally amazing. The tastes and smells were fantastic and the quantities were perfect (I had to take some of the cake home but enjoyed it with a cuppa later in the day).


Stock Pot Cafe tip: Book ahead if you want to eat at the cafe as it can get very busy so it is best to call ahead to guarantee a table.

We both loved the cafe and gardens and will definitely be returning. It's exciting going not knowing what will be on the menu but knowing it will taste amazing and be so fresh. There was a very comfortable feel to the place and we left feeling very happy.



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